WorkTech12 West Coast is coming to San Francisco on October 15th!  For all of you workplace professionals who are interested in current and future trends in technology, real estate, and innovation, this is the event to be at.  If you want to increase your knowledge or share your expertise or others, this is the place to be.  Some of the biggest and brightest will be at WorkTech, and they will be talking about the latest in workplace technology and the future of work.  WorkTech is held globally each year in London, New York, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, Melbourne, Manchester, and of course San Francisco.

Themes that will be covered at WorkTech12:

  • Technology Trends and Future Workstyles
  • Innovation and Productivity
  • Knowledge Work
  • Workplace as a Service (WaaS)

Keynote speakers at the event will include:

  • Steven B. Johnson – Author of Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age
  • Steve Faktor – Author of Econovation: The Red, White, and Blue Blue Pill for Arousing Innovation.
  • John Tenanes – Director of Global Real Estate at Facebook.
  • Phillip Ross – Futurologist and CEO of Unwork
  • Daniel B. Johnson – Global Director of Workplace Innovation at Accenture

Plantronics will have a presence there as well.  Paul Johnson, Senior Director of Business Applications will be speaking about the emerging world of Smarter Working.  He will go over best practices and lessons learnt from using strong IT strategies that support BYOD, telecommunication, and remote work environments.  Check back here for an in depth look at his presentation if you miss it next week.  Be sure to check your schedules in case of any changes, but he is set to speak on Monday at 10:00 am.

Smarter Working will be a key focus of the event.  We all need to pay close attention when it comes to the future of the workplace if we want to stay in the game.  Technology moves quickly, and to keep up we need to think on our feet.  WorkTech will bring some of the brightest minds in the business together to discuss where we are headed as a culture, and what we need to prepare for in the coming years.  Make sure to keep checking back here over the next couple weeks for highlights about WorkTech12 West Coast.