Contact centres have traditionally been seen as places where you ‘tie’ an operator to a desk – unfortunately using a headset…  i’m seeing a big change with all the call centres I visit or talk to now, that wireless technology is increasingly being used for the headsets – not just for supervisors, but all agents within the call centre.

 This is happening for two reasons

1) greater trust in agents

2) technology and user needs coming together

 On the first point, giving an agent the ability to move away from the desk has sometimes been frowned upon (“if they are away from their desk then they can’t be working” as the dinosaurs say).  With the increasing use of work at home agents, or remote agents, your managers are now in a different building, city or even country from their teams, so letting the agents go 10m from the desk suddenly seems a small, easy step to take. 

On the second point, the well known trend of calls coming into the contact centre being more complex is naturally driving a need for more collaboration to resolve customer issues.  A simple way to collaborate is to walk over to someone else’s desk and work with them – an easy step to take with wireless headsets, and no having to put the customer on hold or having to call them back.  A great example of a company working this was is Sage in Ireland, who saw a 37% increase in calls when they started using wireless headsets.

We’ve got some really popular new wireless headsets that are great for contact centres, there’s loads of features in them that make them great for contact centers, you can read more here and here.