Deploying wireless audio devices for UC voice in the office is a much growing trend if not a must have. If you’re like me, I don’t like the thought on being tied to the desk by a cord, even though for others a corded headset might be the best device for their functional role or even their preferred device.

Before IT embarks on a major wireless audio device deployment, such as headsets, there are a number of things to consider. Should you be using Bluetooth or DECT? What are the differences and benefits between each wireless technology? Can I mix and match these technologies? How do I plan for different wireless user needs? Just to name a few.

To guide IT through these types of questions the Plantronics UC Toolkit Wireless Voice in the Office Environment technical whitepaper explains the Bluetooth and DECT technologies and advises on what benefits each bring and when each one might be best utilized.

This white paper is also available in 9 different languages so check out your local Plantronics UC Toolkit website.