Microsoft has released a preview of the changes to come to its newest operating system Windows 8.  Windows 8 had something of a lackluster start.  Despite selling well at first, many consumers found the new layout to be confusing and tedious.  However with the announcement of Windows 8.1, especially the note that it will bring back the famous (or perhaps infamous) start button, Windows 8 has become an exciting option once again.  Rumor has it that users will even be able to boot directly into desktop mode if they don’t want to use the start screen, however that has yet to be confirmed.

The preview shows some new and exciting changes to the OS, such as the ability to move several tiles on your start screen at the same time, and even group them by name.  For those of us that are meticulous about how things are arranged, this is a godsend.  Adding on to this, Microsoft also included customization options to the start screen allowing you to change colors of the background or even use an animated image that moves with your mouse.

The update also includes a revamped search system which no longer restricts the user.  Searching for a word in the Windows search bar will bring up results from every aspect of the tablet including its applications, its files, or the internet.  This will make finding information on your tablet much easier and the search function a thousand times more effective.

Running multiple applications side by side hasn’t been Windows 8 strongpoint, which is strange since it has been one of the best features of previous Windows versions.  With the release of 8.1, that is no longer an issue.  The update should allow for multiple apps to easily run side by side without issue; with the only real limitation being screen size.

Windows 8 may have had its battles at first, but it appears Microsoft has learned from their mistakes and knows what their users want.  I for one feared the early adoption to some degree, but with 8.1 around the corner, I may just hop on board.  The preview edition will be available June 26th, and the full release will be out sometime later this year.