smb-tech-trendsThe use of mobile solutions by small to midsize businesses is widespread, says a new study from the SMB Group. In a survey of over 700 U.S. small and midsize business decision makers, 91 percent reported they use mobile solutions to help support their businesses.

The “SMB 2013 Mobile Solutions Study” also indicated that mobile solutions represent a growing share of SMB technology budgets. On the average, small and midsize business owners spend about 11–20 percent of their technology budgets in the space and 68 percent expect to increase mobile spending next year.

Mobile technology spending and adoption

When it comes to allocating budget, small and midsize businesses are spending money across the range of mobile solution categories, with mobile apps and mobile management solutions experiencing the fastest growth, SMB Group says.

  • 27 percent   Mobile devices
  • 26 percent   Mobile voice and data service plans
  • 15 percent   Mobile apps
  • 15 percent   Mobile security
  • 14 percent   Mobile management (devices and app)
  • 10 percent   Mobile consulting services

In a comparison with last year’s trends, the 2013 survey indicated that the adoption of mobile apps for collaboration, for example email and calendars, and business apps, such as CRM, have increased by approximately 20 percent over the year.

Benefits of mobility

Voyager Pro with personAmong respondents, 58 percent report internal mobile solutions improve productivity because employees can work anytime, anywhere. Better access to people and information at 55 percent and improved customer service at 47 percent were the other top benefits attributed to internal mobile solutions.

The top benefits of external – customer, partner, and supplier – mobile solutions cited were ability to respond faster at 49 percent and helps attract new customers and provide a more personalized customer experience – both 45 percent.

BYOD on the rise

The study also found that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies at 62 percent more than doubled over 2012. When asked if the company supports a BYOD policy in which employees can select and use a mobile device of their own choosing; 51 percent indicated affirmatively.  Similarly, when asked if company supports a BYOD policy in which employees can use their own company approved mobile devices, the response was 55 percent.

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