smb-tech-trendsHere’s some news that should get your out of your chair. Sitting is bad for your health. In the past few weeks, a number of news stories have been written about the serious consequences of sitting too long.  The Huffington Post writes that extended sitting slows down the metabolism, affecting your HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and that research indicates this lack of physical activity is directly tied heart disease, type 2 diabetes and several kinds of cancers.

Depending on the type of small business you run – restaurant owner, retailer or construction – you may be wishing you had more time to sit down. But let’s face it, many types of business require that you spend hours in front of a computer and in meetings sitting around a table. While some employees may work remotely, others are commuting to and from work, which means they spend even more time sitting down.

Taking time out for a walk at lunch, even for those working remotely, is one way to keep you and your team on their feet. But there are other ways to kick the sitting habit even while you’re getting work done. There are a number of suggestions offered in “How to avoid sitting during the work day – it just may save your life,” including:

  • Standing desks: Standing at your computer keeps your muscles active and takes strain off your back.  If you want to try standing at your computer, keep in mind that every part of your standup workstation will need to be the right height for you, including the keyboard, monitor and desk surface. (Check here to find the right requirements for your height).
  • Walking meetings: Invite one of your team members to take a walk with you and have a discussion on the go. You also have the benefit of exercise and taking in the fresh air
  • Standing conferences: I can’t say I’ve tried this, but it’s a good idea and sends the right messages. Have a meeting where everyone is on their feet at least some of the time. It easily could work for quick meetings when you need to get everyone together briefly to bring them up to date on something. Or if it’s a longer meeting, alternate between standing and sitting.

Woman standing on a callEmployees who are on the phone a lot – on their computer, mobile or desk phones – throughout the day also benefit from wireless headsets so they can get up and move around. Among Plantronics offerings are the Bluetooth Voyager Legend UC and Voyager Legend CS headsets. The Voyager Legend UC enables you to take a call from your PC, tablet or smart phone without a click. With the Voyager Legend CS, you can take a call from your mobile phone, tablet or desk phone. In either case, Voyager headsets allow you to get up and walk around the office up to 33 feet and continue on a call, whether you need to grab a file or check on something with a colleague in the office next door. If you need more room to move – even down the hall to the break room – Plantronics also offers the DECT™ CS540 headset. The cordless Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications headset that works with your desk phone provides a range of 350 feet away for maximum mobility.

Read how Plantronics Voyager UC Pro, the predecessor to the Voyager Legend UC, and DECT CS540 helped TC Computer enhance the online training experience giving employees the ability to get up and stretch during training without interrupting their learning as well as conduct phone conversations while moving around the office.

Old habits don’t have to die hard. With some creative thinking and the right technology, you can keep your team from sitting down on the job.