Using a PC for voice communications has revolutionized the way a lot of companies work today. Take Skype, for example – which started as a consumer offering but has a growing, solid B2B base which is currently around 35% of total users. They have over 560 million registered users worldwide and around 39 million users logged in at any one time. These numbers are big, really BIG – not so much a trend anymore, just a normal way to communicate.

So how have companies coped with this way of communicating and what is the best equipment for the job?

Users could of course, just speak loudly using their inbuilt speaker and microphone to talk, or use a USB handset, stick mike or speakerphone. But none of these methods afford the privacy, comfort, and sound quality that a headset can give.  Most PC based communications are used for cost saving purposes – conference calls and collaboration are key along with lengthy calls. By using a comfortable headset users will immediately see the benefits, especially if a wireless headset is invested in, allowing them to move away from their PC to grab a drink or file something or even just move around.

Imagine an office full of people shouting on speakerphones or using their inbuilt mike and speakers? Not a very pleasant working environment or comfortable sound experience, providing headsets gives privacy on a call and when the headset has been designed specifically for PC calls, the sound and receive voice quality is optimized.

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