Videoconferencing has gone from being a niche play in board rooms to an expected part of virtually any conference call.  And with good reason: in today’s increasingly global, digital work environments, employees expect to be able to connect and collaborate with remote team members quickly and easily as the need arises. Today, you hear a lot about huddle rooms and small, modular solutions (including from us!), but there are still standard conference rooms that need to be equipped.  IT wants these rooms to be consistent and easy to deploy; users want the experience to be the same, regardless of which size room they are in. And facilities wants these to look the same, so as employees travel from site to site, they know that they are still able to get work done.

We’ve shared a lot here about our new Poly Studio X family of all-in-one endpoints, as well as our G7500 modular codec—all of which share the same platform that supports open standards, Zoom, and more.  Now we’ve taken that one step further and made the G7500 available in an all-new, redesigned Medialign solution that includes the codec, camera, microphone, speakers and screens in one easy-to-install unit that doesn’t require room remediation.  Poly’s next generation video endpoint lineup just got broader!


One Solution with Big Impact

Poly Medialign comes with everything you need in one package, including the monitor, microphones, EagleEye Director II Cameras, high-fidelity speakers and the G7500*, which means it’ll take you about an hour to set up.  No expensive construction and no need to break the bank on installation costs. Everything was designed as an integrated system, so it just works.

Medialign delivers the latest Poly MeetingAI functionality including automatic speaker tracking, group framing, Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock to suppress background noise and ensure that meeting participants can focus on what matters.  Remote teams will truly feel like they are in the same room due to Ultra HD 4K for amazing video quality and digital annotation and whiteboarding capabilities when sharing content.

 The new Medialign systems are available in three models, Poly Medialign 65, Poly Medialign 75 (with a touch monitor) and Poly Medialign 86, all fully customizable and updated with a sleek new design. The new models come in four different colors: applewood, slate, black or white.

Medialign delivers a simple, consistent way to build more collaborative workplaces. Give your end users the streamlined experience—and protect your investment—with one solution that integrates with a wide variety of unified collaboration platforms.

For more information about the updated Medialign models, please visit the Poly website.



* Medialign is also available with the Group Series 500 codec.