With the harsher economic conditions that started in 2009, continuing to prevail, many companies are still looking for ways to reduce their operating costs.  Outsourcing manufacturing, and back office processes has given companies a chance to reduce costs in these areas, but many are still looking for further savings, and their building costs are the next step.

When you review desk occupancy within a building, most companies average figure is 40% – and with desks having a fixed cost of anything up to £12,000 per year, companies are targetting this area for cost reduction.

Using surveys from Leesman to understand the needs of the users, we have been able to consolidate from three buildings down to one, saving us an average of  £173,000 per year (this is the predicted level, we’ll confirm this after a full year in the building).

Putting these savings together with the collaboration improvements and flexible working potential from previous posts, you can see why we call it the smarter office.