You may be wondering, and rightly so, what does the ‘UC Voice for IT’ blog offer you … so let me start our first posting by outlining our objectives and goals.

Most importantly, we want to make this a valuable resource for IT professionals like you, especially those deploying UC Voice and audio devices, such as headsets and speaker phones.

We intend to do that by sharing and discussing IT experiences, insights and guidance on how to successful deploy UC Voice in an enterprise office environment. This will include commenting and looking at IT best practices, deployment considerations, potential pitfalls, increasing user adoption, selecting the right product, integrating wireless technologies, case studies, and much, much more.

Although we might reference or direct you to review technologies, products or services that could assist your success, we will not blatantly sell or market products! This is a blog for IT professionals who are seeking to add to their expertise with more insight and lessons learned that can be used in their own IT and office environment.

With that said, we look forward to you becoming a regular ‘UC Voice for IT’ blog reader and that you will be an active participant by sharing your own experiences and providing constructive commentary for your industry peers …. so the first thing to do is subscribe to this blog right now.

We believe knowledge is meant to be shared and in doing so we all win!!