From the super-efficient to the super ridiculous, nothing is off limits when it comes to wearable technology.  Luckily for consumers and businesspersons alike, the wearable technology coming out has been more useful than ever, making us more productive.  Check out some of the coolest gadgets, including those shown at the Wearable Tech Expo this week.

Google Glass – Okay we have all heard about this one by now so I won’t go into too much detail, but it would also be wrong of me not to mention it in a wearable tech article.  Record videos, take pictures, have video hangouts with your friends, and even get instant directions from this device with simple voice commands.

PSIO Mind Booster – These glasses/earbud combination units are built to help you.  Using colorful lights and music or inspirational messages, they can help you relieve stress, quit smoking, or fall asleep.  Although a cool product, it carries a hefty price tag of $399.99 and charges rough $20 for each “package” of colors and audio.  I would recommend you try it before you throw down that much cash.

The Glove Phone – DesignWorks, a UK based company, has designed a Bluetooth phone built into a glove.  Your thumb becomes the speaker and your pinky the microphone.  It seems like a device that is simple to come up with; after all we have been using the thumb pinky gesture to simulate a phone call for decades.  But Sean Miles, designer of the product, did it first.  None of us can argue, even if we think it is a bit silly.

Activity Trackers – I would name these products one by one, but there are simply too many of them.  From Nike Fuelband to FitBit and even the Pebble smart watch, these things are everywhere.  We are likely to see at least 10 more of these types of devices in the next year, which isn’t a bad thing.  Bigger names and better products are joining the fight, and will soon be releasing original products.

Smart Watches – I love smart watches.  I wear one, I have bought them for friends, I think they are incredibly useful.  They help me keep on time and on top of important information.  I am constantly away from my desk, and often in meetings where pulling out my phone would be rude or unacceptable.  Checking my watch briefly is unnoticed and all I need to plan my next stop and stay efficient.  The Pebble Watch will release this summer, check it out. Also keep your eyes open for an Apple iWatch, as the rumors grow stronger every day.  Rumors of an official Google Watch are also brewing, so don’t lose hope if you are an Android user like me.

Stay Tuned as we will have more info from the Wearable Tech Expo this week!