From gaming to fashion to business, no one should miss the chance to check out the Wearable Tech Expo in New York week.  Held at the Kimmel Center on the 24th and 25th, this event promises to be one of awesome proportions, with some impressive keynotes.  The presenters include Adidas, Second Sight,, and even Plantronics Senior Director of Innovation, Cary Bran.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, as tons of vendors and top media influencers will be on site.

The event will cover all kinds of technology, from showing off new smart watches to hands on demos with Google Glass.  Fashion designers and techies alike will be fascinated by what comes out of the Expo.  Wearable Tech World makes it clear that this event is more than just for gamers or device manufacturers.  This technology plays large roles in many enterprises, healthcare facilities, banks, and fashion industries.  Decision makers and CEO’s from each of the groups are encouraged to come and give their input as well as get their hands on the product.

Right now most “wearable tech” is fitness and sports related devices.  This first tier is considered phase 1 of the market.  Phase 2 is the “infotainment” market, which include entertainment items like Google Glass and smart watches.  The rumored Apple iWatch would also fall under this category, if it is officially released.  Currently Bluetooth headsets are not considered a “Wearable Device” however that point is under some debate.

The expo pass is free, but only grants access to the site showcase and networking reception on the 24th.  If you want to see the Keynotes with fantastic speakers, you’ll need a platinum or diamond pass, costing roughly $400-$500.  These prices allow admission to all conferences and keynote sessions, and provide food and drink during all meals and breaks.

The Demo Schedule for Wednesday has impressive written all over it.  Check out the companies below, and make sure to note the Plantronics Demo at 4:10 – 4:20pm.