Most of us are aware of the impact of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. They have recently issued a clarification document covering voice recording here. One area that hasn’t been covered well, if at all yet, is the inadvertent overhearing of data by other customers.

I may be sensitive to this, when I call into a contact centre I’m naturally interested in how they sound, what they do, and how they approach customer service as a whole. So when I can overhear other conversations going on, I lose some trust in that company and their ability to keep my personal data secure.

Overhearing other conversations can be caused by a number of issues.
1) Crowding people into spaces with insufficient acoustic barriers,
2) Poor quality headsets,
3) Headsets positioned wrongly

1) A fairly difficult one to resolve, contact centres are starting to grow again so space is going to be squeezed and no-one wants to ask for another floor or a new building just yet. We in Plantronics have been able to keep our contact centre size at a constant level (despite increasing employee numbers) by using a flexible work at home policy.
2) Nice and easy to solve ;-) The Plantronics EncorePro has an innovative design that allows the microphone to be positioned in exactly the right place. This gives the best noise cancelling performance
3) This one should be simple to solve also. Start with this video to help your employees understand how to set their headsets up. Check on the positioning regularly to make sure you are getting the best performance.

Given the potential fines that can be imposed for non-compliance, the above approaches are easy simple steps that can help you keep your customers data secure.