We are all excited for the launch of the new iPhone – being called the iPhone 5 by most media outlets – but Apple has yet to give us a definite release date.  However vacation blackout dates in the third and fourth weeks of September for both AT&T and Verizon employees hint at its release.  As Apple generally takes a year to release their new models, this would suggest they are about one month ahead of schedule as the iPhone 4S released in October of 2011.  Rumor is that the newest iPhone will be available on September 21st of this year.  The rumored features that have everyone so excited for this product include a larger 4 inch display, a new overall design, and LTE support to improve network speed and connection through mobile providers.


Those of you who follow Apple in the news probably have heard of their several lawsuits against various companies, the biggest one being against Samsung in California for infringing on six patents.  The jury found Samsung guilty of infringement on the patents, and awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages.  Although that seems like an incredible amount of money, it was actually under half the requested amount from Apple which was $2.5 billion.  Millions more will also have to be spent on research and development to change their product so that it no longer infringes on the patents.  Samsung stated that the verdict was “a loss for the American consumer” and plans to appeal the case immediately.


Apple also filed against Samsung for their products in Japan, but weren’t as lucky there.  The Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji stated, “It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant.”  Judge Shoji ruled that Samsung smartphones and tablet did not infringe on Apples inventions.


You are probably wondering, what does Apple suing Samsung have to do with the iPhone 5 launch?  Samsung released a statement saying that if Apple’s new iPhone ships with LTE capability, which the rumors state it will, they are prepared to launch a full legal battle and sue Apple for infringement.  Samsung has a robust portfolio of LTE patents, and plans to use them if Apple launches with LTE service.  Apple may have won the battle, but may have just started a war.


Is Apple being greedy, or is Samsung using what isn’t theirs? Let us know what you think in the comments!