When your employees walk into a conference room or workspace, you want them to feel engaged, even before the meeting starts. The use of digital signage technology transforms workspaces by turning empty screens into information hubs that help to build culture by keeping teams informed and connected. Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Raydiant, the leader in digital signage experiences, that will enhance Poly’s workspace solutions by adding a new key alliance to our ecosystem portfolio and bringing new ways to leverage your existing video room equipment.

Poly’s professional-grade video conferencing solutions now integrate within Raydiant’s hundreds of marketplace apps to fuel engagement across our customers’ organizations. The combined solution will give customers the ability to broadcast internal communications, important announcements, inspirational and informative content, in a variety of formats, through meeting room displays powered by Poly devices and Raydiant’s leading digital signage technology.

As employees return to the office after two years working remotely, they have high expectations for best-in-class technology experiences. A post-pandemic analysis from Frost & Sullivan reported that offices will no longer be just “productivity centers;” instead, they will be “sites for employee engagement, collaboration and building relationships.” Our new alliance with Raydiant helps organizations deliver on these high expectations and transition to the engaged, collaborative experience employees need.

In today’s hybrid working world, it’s more important than ever to keep employees engaged and connected when they do come into the office. Poly and Raydiant are empowering companies everywhere to deliver unique experiences, showcase relevant content and add value to otherwise stagnant spaces.

To learn more about how to leverage the power of Poly and Raydiant, visit Raydiant.com.