In both business and personal realms of life, Unified Communications (UC) has become essential as the need to stay connected virtually has become more necessary than ever. In some cases, this need has required people less familiar with communication tools to seek out experts to help them choose the right devices, services, and software. With the help of a subject matter expert, your team can take advantage of the full benefits of their communication tools and gain a true return on investment for adopting them.

Poly University offers over one hundred technical training resources ranging from short self-study documents, videos and online tutorials, to remote lab sessions, in-depth and instructor-led virtual classroom programs.


The trend toward a hybrid workforce adds a layer of complexity when it comes to deployment and user adoption. Organizations need peace of mind knowing that individuals working on such projects are skilled and knowledgeable in this area. The learning opportunities offered through Poly University can help everyone in your organization understand how to effectively use collaboration solutions that streamline decisions, fuel more engagement with customers and amongst colleagues, and increase productivity.


Most recently the Poly University team developed a technical training and certification program – Poly Expert Program – that offers a flexible, modular approach to learning how to assist individuals who are operating, supporting, installing, and designing Poly communication solutions. Obtaining a certification does five things:

  1. Demonstrates your evolving skillset and commitment to keeping current in market trends and requirements.
  2. Statistically speaking, certificates increase your professional creditability by 95% and validate specialized knowledge by 98%.
  3. Displays that you are interested, committed, and invested in your career.
  4. Helps you realize your professional development goals at an accelerated pace.
  5. Brings you into a peer group to share ideas and further develop your knowledge and skills.

Poly’s Expert Program provides you the option to specialize in voice, video, or infrastructure, and to combine certifications as you work towards Poly Solutions Expert status. The Poly Expert Program is a framework for a portfolio of technical training and certification offerings from Poly University. Our goal is to provide individuals with an opportunity to follow a progressive learning certification path, from fundamental understanding at Specialist level, through to advanced technical skills at Expert level – acknowledging technical competency with an industry recognized certification from Poly.

Topics range from Unified Communications theory to voice endpoint provisioning and management. And, from how to make a call from a video endpoint through to how to manage video call bandwidth in an enterprise network. As you work through your learning journey, you can complete online certification exams to recognize your progression:

  • Specialist level – provides system operators, support staff, technicians and systems engineers with an entry-level program to allow them to become familiar with the function, features, and operation of Poly solutions.
  • Professional level – provides a more advanced program of technical information for support staff, technicians and systems engineers who are responsible for the installation and support of small-to-medium Poly deployments.
  • Expert level – provides a training and certification program for senior support staff, technical consultants, system architects, and solution designers who are responsible for the design, deployment, and support of complex Poly solution deployments and systems integrations, including integration with third-party platforms. 


The program is open to everyone – end customers, the Poly Partner community, freelance consultants, students studying computer and communications technologies, and individuals interested in learning more about Poly solutions and the UC technology. Visit our website and sign into Poly University for more information and start your certification journey today.