Its great when you find out people are using your products in completely different ways from that which you intended, especially when the products work exceptionally well in the ‘new’ approach.

The Plantronics EncorePro was designed to be a contact centre headset – we made it robust, we gave it great noise cancelling, and we gave it a QD – all the things that you need for the perfect contact centre headset.

What we are finding now, is that a lot of the EncorePro don’t go anywhere near a contact centre. They are used in offices, within cars, or even in public spaces.

Let’s look at ‘why?’ First – noise cancelling. Offices and public places can be as noisy as contact centers, so there is just as much need for your voice to rise above the background noise when on a call. Next – robust. Taking a headset around with you can take its toll – on/off, in/out of the bag, so again the robustness of the EncorePro makes it a great product. And finally – a QD. This is our connector that let’s you now connect the EncorePro onto a mobile phone or to a PC.

The ‘how’ is simple – use our new bundle that gives you a EncorePro with connectivity to both a mobile phone and a PC.

So all of this adds up to making the EncorePro into the best tool for the smarter office – wherever that office is.