Microsoft Teams is the ultimate collaboration tool, bringing everything together in one place: people, conversations, content and tools.  A recent survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan found that 85% of its customers have already migrated at least part of the feature set to Teams, and 40% said Microsoft Teams will become their default choice for communications within the coming year.  However, managing the transition to Teams doesn’t come without challenges, as we’ve explored in past blogs.

Fortunately, we’re here to help!  On February 27th, 2020 experts from Frost & Sullivan, Microsoft and Poly will be hosting an interactive webinar to share insights and best practices to ensure a streamlined Microsoft Teams deployment.

If you’re still on the fence about migrating your enterprise collaboration infrastructure to Teams, consider these three ways that Microsoft and Poly can foster a culture of collaboration in your organization:

1. Supercharge Your Microsoft Teams Experience with Voice and Video

The role that voice and video play in your experience of Microsoft Teams is huge.  And, the reason for this is somewhat obvious— we’ve evolved to communicate through speaking and listening.  We’ve mastered the skill of interpreting subtle nuances in vocal tone and body language over the course of our entire lives and, although emojis can sometimes help, they aren’t always the best way to go in a professional setting.  This isn’t to discredit the usefulness of the written word.  The Chat function in Teams is great for quick clarifications or to relay high-level details.  However, when it comes time to collaborate on projects, share detailed plans, or even just check-in to build meaningful relationships within your team— speaking and listening are the way to go.  Therefore, when meeting in-person isn’t possible, getting information across clearly and allowing space for collaboration will always be best suited through the use of voice and video.

2. Drive a Culture of Productivity with Teams

The driving force behind what we do at Poly is to find innovative ways to power authentic human connection and collaboration.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is on a mission to create tools that “empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.”  The partnership between Poly and Microsoft facilitates a highly dynamic environment where teams can share their ideas with ease.  Teams that have the ability to easily collaborate on live documents, virtually meet face-to-face, present their ideas and more, are better aligned. In order for this to happen, it is of vital importance that your teams are well-equipped to actively shape and participate in a lively corporate culture built around collaboration and productivity.

3. Empower Your People with the Right Solutions

As mentioned above, the right collaboration tools make all the difference in your organization’s culture. The result of running any collaboration tool on suboptimal hardware will result in an experience that is lacking – and, this scenario is true in reverse as well! This is why combination of Poly and Microsoft is essential to any organization committed to delivering the richest and most complete collaboration experience for their associates.

Poly’s end-to-end offering of quality headsets, videoconferencing tools, speakerphones, and software were intentionally designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Poly’s extensive portfolio of Microsoft Teams Certified products encompasses the needs and work styles of your entire organization.

Join the Webinar

In this interactive webinar, Frost & Sullivan will discuss evolving trends in the UC market as well as what how you can elevate employee engagement and productivity, boost innovation, increase organizational agility, and maximize ROI.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top drivers for UC investments
  • Communications considerations for the modern workforce
  • The advantages of a full-stack UC solution
  • Why integration matters
  • Future UC deployment plans–how to get ahead of your competition

Facilitator: Patrick McCrea – Webinar Operations Manager, Poly

Host/Moderator: Laura Marx – Vice President, Global Alliance and Product Marketing, Poly


Presenter: Rob Arnold – Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

Robert works with enterprises as well as the ecosystem of developers, service providers and value-added sales channels to help them understand the direction of technology development, which solutions are being adopted and how they can gain or maintain competitive advantages in the increasingly dynamic global communications and collaboration technology marketplace. He assists clients with their partners in the competitive and market intelligence efforts with the support of Frost & Sullivan’s global market and technology research and fore-sighting processes.


Panelist: Duncan Barnes – Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

Duncan is the Senior Product Marketing Manager responsible for ensuring that customers and partners have a consistent experience from platform to device. Through owning all of Microsoft’s strategic third-party device partnerships for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams platforms, he’s been able to deliver a consistent message and approach for meetings and callings. Duncan has developed GTM programs and defined Partner Marketing strategies that support increased usage and revenue that align to Microsoft’s business strategy and levers within Microsoft Teams. He also delivers on dedicated devices programs such as Learn and Earn for Microsoft field sellers across all Microsoft internal communities to increase insight and define opportunity engagement within customers.


Panelist: Sherri Pipala – Director, Chief Americas Alliances Evangelist, Poly

Sherri’s dynamic sales career has been focused on marketing and sales collaboration solutions and advanced services in the Unified Messaging space. Her primary focus has been within the competitive enterprise and global account market landscape. She has been an independent contributor as well as a sales leader for over 20 years focused on solution selling, driving hardware and software sales, and virtual and cloud solution delivery models within the enterprise sales space. She is a passionate sales leader focused on executive relationships, business development, as well as partner engagement to support the best solution sales engagements.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a leading global research and consulting firm with over 50 years of expertise. We have over 1,800 employees across 42 offices worldwide, who produce ongoing research, and conduct strategic consulting. Our strength lies in providing various types of insight based on global market, technology, and mega trend analysis. We focus on identifying opportunities for growth and innovation.

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