By now you are probably quite accustom to blogs like this one telling you what kinds of things you should be doing at work.  We are bombarded with tips to be more successful, ideas to keep you motivated, and tools to stay more productive.  These are all fine and well, but perhaps it is time you got some tips on what you should not be doing at work.

  • Smoking – You shouldn’t smoke at work; in fact, you shouldn’t smoke at all. I know, this is easier said than done.  As a former smoker myself, I know that it isn’t so simple to just stop, especially on those tough days.  I also know that smokers take more breaks, and are less productive, because I was.  Once I quit, I spent more time at my desk, and I was more focused.
  • Chatting at the Office – It is really easy to get on a topic like how much you hate the construction on the freeway, but don’t stand in the hallway chatting with coworkers for 20 minutes.  This wastes your time and others, not to mention disrupting the people around you.
  • Gossiping / Complaining – This is a tough one for people to get past, but it is absolutely necessary to succeed.  You should always stay positive about your job, even if others are complaining about it.  In the words of Fantasy Football expert Matthew Berry “I’m a company man.”
  • Emotional contact at work – It is never a good idea to have an emotional relationship with someone in the workplace.  This can lead to a huge amount of HR issues and complaints from coworkers.  This is even true when it comes to close friendships.  As sad as it is, coworkers need to stay coworkers.
  • Bringing home issues with you to Work – This is an obvious No-No.  If you are fighting with your family, spouse, dog, don’t bring it into the workplace.  It will show, and it will reflect on your character.
  • Taking work home – I know I am sounding crazy here, doesn’t everyone take work home?  The reason I say not to is because it breaks the line of “work stays at work and home at home.”  This is an important rule to be successful.
  • Web surfing – Oh man is this hard.  Reddit has SO many cat pictures I want to look at. And what if they open the safe today?  But never mind that, there is no time to be surfing the web at work.  You need to focus and work.
  • Eating out for lunch – Take your lunch, it saves time, and more importantly, money.  Lots of it.  You will be shocked how much you save by not eating out every day.