Los Angeles based company Stir thinks they have figured out what is missing from our desks.  Technology!  Their new desk known simply as The Kinetic, is an impressive display of both design and ingenuity.  It is perfect for fitness junkies, techies, or just someone who wants a well-built adjustable desk and here is why.

The Kinetic is a high quality and finely detailed adjustable desk that can be used either while sitting or standing.  Finding a good quality adjustable desk can be difficult enough, and Stir has gone a step – or two further.  Built into this desk is a 4.3-inch touchscreen, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and power plugs in a hidden compartment. This sleek design is more than just for show; it has software to back it up.


The desk can be raised or lowered by hitting a button on the front of the desk, or by tapping on the touchscreen twice.  The software tracks how much time you spend sitting at the desk, and how much time you spend standing.  The data tracks across days, weeks, even months.  It will even tell you how many calories you burn when you stand as opposed to sitting.  The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections will later be used to run the software on wearable devices and smartphones, but is not yet being used.

This truly is a smart desk.  The Kinetic uses a thermal sensor to determine when you are at your desk, and learns what your sitting and standing patterns are.  It will even suggest having you stand when you are sitting, to improve your health.  It suggests this with what they call a “WhisperBreath” which is a slow and small lift and drop of the desk.  It is just enough for you to notice, but not enough to impair your work.

The price is expensive at almost $4000, but certainly not out of line when you consider the features and the costs of other adjustable desks.