I recently posted an article discussing the security risks of BYOD in the workplace.  Then I followed it up with an article discussing why people feel they are so entitled to use personal devices, and the blurred line of acceptable use at work.  Now it’s time to take a look at the other side of the coin; why is BYOD a good idea for your employees and your business?

BYOD can be a cost saving method for your company.  If employees bring their own laptops and smartphones, that’s fewer your business has to provide for them.  This also applies for data and phone plans on devices that can get costly per employee.  Since some would argue that employees are better equipped at home than they are at work, why not save some money and allow your users to bring in their updated device that they are comfortable with.  These cost savings on hardware can be turned around and placed into greater software for the devices to help keep seamless communication throughout your organization.

We all know how important morale is in an office.  Upset or low morale employees don’t work well.  As their happiness grows, so does their productivity.  Users who are allowed to bring in their own devices can help boost that morale and productivity.  People like using their own devices, that’s why they bought them in the first place.  Giving them that little sense of freedom to choose what device to do their work on seems to help them get through the day, all while boosting work levels.  Empowering your employees certainly makes a positive difference, and all it takes is something as small as letting them bring their own laptop to work.

BYOD allows users to have access to their data at all times, and can even access things from home in a pinch if needed.  Now that doesn’t mean having to work through dinner every night, but perhaps being able to finish up your days’ work from home after lunch, or work from home without having to come into the office because that’s the only way to access your files.  This is especially helpful for users that come into an office and sit in a general area, but not necessarily at the same desk each day.  This method called “Hoteling” is becoming more and more common among open offices, and would be quite difficult to achieve without the benefits of BYOD.  Using the device they prefer, in whichever seat they want, helps them start off their day in a positive light.

Bring your own device may have some risks involved, but many of those can be managed through standard IT practices and training.  The benefits are certainly tangible, as you will see immediate cost savings and employee morale boosts.  As long as proper security measures are taken, BYOD looks to be a great solution to increase productivity and morale in the workplace.