Our workplaces are forever changed by the events of 2020. Creating authentic connections with others is easier when we speak with them instead of trying to understand the nuances of an email or a text message. Voice correspondence helps us engage differently and avoid the fatigue of back-to-back video meetings. Sometimes the phone is the best way to have a productive conversation.

Phones never go out of style for business needs – for those important one-on-one conversations, for general purposes, and for those ad hoc moments which might happen at any moment every day. Phones, both physical and software-based,  connect us in a truly personal way and is the one medium everyone is used to, knows how to operate, and utilizes comfortably.

The devices you had pre-pandemic may not be what you need now. Perhaps you have changed cloud platforms and consequently, you need to modify your collaboration devices. Maybe you support hybrid work, have downsized, or your team is now remote, and so your mix of devices has drastically changed. You may need fewer desk phones and more headsets and conference room setups.

New Needs for New Kinds of Meetings

So, where do you start? First, you must understand your users and their work styles. Depending on their job duties, they are likely to have specific needs.

Are employees working in open offices and spending time on calls while using their PC and keyboard? Do they need to be mobile in the office while speaking? Customer contact centers are still heavily invested in telephony, but is it the right type or combination? Finding the right equipment for each employee is a key element to setting them up for success. You must select the appropriate phone model to fit each persona and find a headset that suits their work style. Having a great audio experience is the minimum requirement for achieving high productivity.

Now that the world is slowly returning, how will you support this new hybrid environment? Do you have the right mix of devices to meet the needs of your employees? What if you could trade in your unused phones for new devices to address your current office needs?

Going Green with POLY RENEW

Poly now offers an environmentally friendly buyback program, Poly Renew. If you have selected models of Poly phones, you may upgrade your phone inventory for a voucher credit towards any Poly device in our portfolio, including headsets, voice, and video options, to fit what your office looks like now. And since your current products will be recycled or refurbished, you are making a positive impact on the environment. It’s time to renovate your workplace.

With Poly’s Renew program, you have access to exactly what you need right now. Apply the credit from your Poly  VVX and CCX products to buy any Poly product, which provides the best audio and video experience with your chosen collaboration platform. By platform, industry, workplace, or work style, we have it all – from headsets and business phones to videoconferencing, and more.

And Don’t Forget…

Poly headsets, phones, and video technology work seamlessly together. From noise block AI to acoustic fence to Microban® antimicrobial technology, our features set us apart from our competitors because our products are adaptable and customizable. Headsets work flawlessly from your laptop to your desk phone and our phones deliver all of these innovative details, along with enhanced connectivity options, improved UI, cloud services including analytics and device management, and the latest design aesthetics. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you command the conversation.

How can we help? Talk to an expert now at www.poly.com.