We all use apps on our phones, tablets, everywhere.  That doesn’t mean we are using the right ones, or productive ones at that.  Applications sometimes aren’t enough on their own, but when taking advantage of the cloud they can completely overhaul the way you work. Here are some applications that help me work smarter, and are prime examples of using the cloud properly.


Pixlr – Pixlr.com is an online photo editor.  Think of it as a free version of Photoshop you can use online without downloading anything.   It is a fantastic tool to edit or create images from any PC while on the go.



  HootSuite – A Social Media dashboard that manages your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, and more all in     one?  Not too good to be true.  Also, HootSuite recently acquired Seesmic, a cloud based twitter app, one of the most used   applications for twitter users.  Now if only Tweetdeck would use the cloud..


Evernote – I have mentioned Evernote’s usefulness many times in the past, but it’s worthy of mention again.  It is multiplatform, multi-device cloud based note taking application.  It is my saving grace in meetings, and great for shopping lists or to-do lists. My fiancé can update groceries on the list at home and I can see the updated list at the store.

Dropbox – Another repeat, but it definitely warrants attention.  I couldn’t do my job efficiently without being able to access my files from multiple locations.  I don’t just work at one computer.  And I don’t just work from one location either.  Dropbox is an online back up/File storage that allows 2GB of free storage.  I use it to access my blogs and files wherever I am and on whatever device I am using.

Soundcloud – Allows you to upload audio files like music, speeches, and lectures and stream them online. You can make the files public or private and share the links with others.  Great for sharing audio material or showing off your new band.

Mint – Mint.com is a free accounting software that is managed online and through your mobile devices.  It helps you manage your finances all for free and from anywhere.  Just create an account and start simplifying your life.  Over 10 million other users have already started using it.

These are just a handful of fantastic apps out there, but start here and you will see significant improvement in your work.  What Cloud apps have helped you improve your work? Let us know about them in the comments!