We all need to communicate with each other, and we can do with any phone or headset right?  Not like this you can’t.  The Plantronics Voyager Legend aims to reinvent the way we use headsets.  Allowing you to answer calls by just saying so, smart call routing, and unmatched sound quality makes this the most impressive Voyager ever.  Let’s take a look at what makes this headset the best thing to hit the mobile market this year.

Smart Call Routing The Voyager Legend routes your calls between your cell and headset depending on which one you have on your ear.  This is by far my favorite feature of this headset.  I can’t tell you how many times I have struggled with an issue like this.  I will have my headset in my pocket and my phone will ring, and I will try to answer my cell before realizing that it’s not going to work. By the time I actually fish my headset out past my keys and get it on my head, they have hung up. A missed call can be a missed opportunity, and the Voyager Legend prevents that.  You can even answer a call simply by picking up your headset and placing it over your ear.  Taking the headset off your ear will mute the device, a useful feature when you need to discuss a topic with a coworker before continuing the conversation.

Call Announce and Voice CommandsThis is another great feature.  When you receive a call the Voyager announces who is calling, and you can say simple commands like “ignore” or ‘answer” to direct the call. This is incredibly handy while driving or even in positions where you are working with your hands.  It can be troublesome to dig through a pocket or purse to look at your phone to see whose calling.  For those of us who are literally arms deep in their work or are handling something delicate, even hitting the button on the side of the headset can be an issue at times.  This new feature grants freedom to all of us.

Precision AudioStunning voice quality isn’t the only thing this headset does right.  It blocks out background noise better than previous headsets, making you sound like you are in a private office, even when you’re in a coffee shop or in the car.  The Voyager Legend uses 3 microphones and an internal equalizer to isolate your voice and transmit it clearly while blocking out all the other distractions in the background.  Just hear the difference.

Let’s get realistic for a minute.  Not all of us have cozy office jobs.  What about the guys who lug around heavy boxes all day, or push around dollies with a 500 pounds of equipment on them?  We sweat, a lot.  And it can destroy a headset in no time.  Well not anymore.  The Legend has built in moisture protection to protect from sweat, and even the eventual coffee spill.  No more replacing headsets after a hard day of physical labor.

Do you have an Android 3.0 or higher phone?  Another added bonus is the Find MyHeadset app.  Find or track your headset on a map, send a tone to hear it nearby, and even view an on screen battery meter to know when it needs a charge.  If you are like me and constantly misplace things, this is a game-changer.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a must have for any on the go worker.  Whether you are in an office, on the road, or on a construction site, this is the headset for you.  This is what innovation is all about.  Smarter workers demand smarter tools.  We need them to keep up with the ever-changing market.  So don’t wait, pick one up now.  You can buy it on Plantronics site here.