Text: Aruna Carver

Every contact centre faces the same challenge: improving client’s experience. The size and sector of the contact centre does not matter. A contact centre is a strategic place for other reasons as well. It fulfils two essential functions: increasing customer relations and improving the company’s image.

But how do you make sure that a contact centre fulfils these functions in a good way? Can a sputtering contact centre damage the reputation of the company? How do you assemble relevant information to increase customer loyalty? And how do you deal with the complaints of clients that have already had a negative contact centre experience in the past?
It has never been more important to offer clients an impeccable service than it is now. Companies distinguish themselves from their competitors by their quality and approach. Genesys Telecommunications, an Alcatel-Lucent company, identifies 4 golden rules for the success of your contact centre and thus of your company.

1. Accessibility
A contact centre needs to be accessible when this suits the client, thus preferably 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It needs to be reachable via different channels: telephone, fax, e-mail, webchat… The customer is always right. Depending on his question, he chooses via which channel he wants to contact the company. An unsatisfied client will probably reach for the telephone, but he will use the web or e-mail to consult a price list.

Tip: Whatever channel you use, it’s always very important that the information towards the client is consistent.

2. Expertise
A contact centre can only offer quality when it disposes of the right technology and when it’s staffed by professional employees who can find the needed information fast and who are able to maintain a good contact with the clients. It’s off course not professional to consecutively transfer the client from one employee to another and let him hear the same story over and over again.

Tip: Advanced IVR-systems (Interactive Voice Response) integrated with CT-systems  are innovative ways to distinguish oneself from his competitors. This combination makes sure that client needs are recognized more easily beforehand and transfers the client to the right employee.

3. Personal contact
The strength of a contact centre lies in the data that the employees use for a personalized interaction with the client. What a relieve for the client when he finds out that he is being recognized, that they understand and know what he needs! Employees often do not realize how important their role is in all of this.

Tip: Take the time to familiarize employees with the tools and technologies of the contact centre. Continue to coach them and motivate them so that they see how important they are for the image and the good functioning of the company.

4. Pro-activity
A proactive contact centre contacts clients itself in order to share important information or offer extra help. A specific strategy for every user’s category can be developed with information from the database. It’s then possible to offer the client the products and/or services he needs.

Tip: Pro-activity gives another dimension to expertise. A professional employee is able to “perform normal activities in an extraordinary way”, but when he’s also proactive then he can create the perfect client experience.

Aruna Carver is Marketing Manager Northern Europe at Genesyslab