Pete Kolak, who manages the collaboration systems for a large financial services company in California, was pulling his hair out deploying conference room systems. “Our firm was a very heavy user of videoconferencing technologies – even before the pandemic,” he explained. “It would take us two to three days to install a medium-sized video conference room.”

No matter which conference or huddle room products Pete selected, it was always a challenge to wrestle with the multiple cables and/or cable harnesses all around the room connecting various components. He and his team had to closely monitor installation firms to ensure they complied with his organization’s aesthetic requirements. Sometimes this involved ordering custom-made shorter cables. However, even then, they often needed to bunch up the excess behind displays in an attempt to make the equipment look as professional as possible. The excess hidden wires often made troubleshooting the systems very difficult. Pete and his team looked around for newer, less-expensive room solutions, but they were often disappointed because many options were not designed for use in a conference room.

When Pete evaluated the Poly Studio X Family of collaboration systems, the improvement – in his words – was “dramatic.”




By putting all of the needed components (cameras, speakers, microphones, codecs, processors, and a ton of very intelligent production skills) into a single bar, his room installation projects went down from two to three days to two to three hours. And that mess of cables – gone. Not only were the Poly Studio X systems easier to install, but their embedded intelligence – such as NoiseBlock AI and automatic camera framing and tracking – meant they also performed better and faster than prior available systems.


At the end of the day, the reason Pete continues to install these Poly Studio X systems at his company because of Poly’s commitment to innovation. He appreciates that Poly came to market much more rapidly than many competitors and that we continue to incorporate better and more rapid features than any other device out there.

Pete and his team know that Poly’s EPTZ (electronic pan-tilt-zoom) technology captures conference participants beautifully – without motors or distraction. and best of all, the software and hardware will only continue to improve with every update to Poly OS. Now, they can’t imagine installing a system with a mechanical camera motor that would surely distract the participants with its movements and disrupt the room’s environment.

If you’d like to hear all this in Pete’s own words, watch the video below.

Pete knows that Poly builds tools, not toys and that pro-grade gear for meeting rooms doesn’t have to be complicated. Poly gives Pete and his team the confidence, flexibility, and edge they need to make sure that their whole organization can command every meeting.

If you’d like to find out more about the Poly Studio X Family and other Poly innovations that can enable your team to crush their meetings, visit our website, or reach out to your Poly representative to get more information.