“Work is no longer is a place you go to. Work is about making things happen where you are and having the experience you need to get things done available on every device wherever.” — Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

There’s a good chance you have interfaced with at least one of the following:  The freelancer living that #DigitalNomad life who works from coffee shops or beams into the meeting from some far-off vacation destination, the home office worker in a remote corner of their basement, or the road warrior who constantly roams from the office, the car, their home, the hotel.

It’s a beautiful thing when it all runs smoothly. However, in the case that any of these three above mentioned worker types sound familiar, chances are you’ve also experienced more than one instance where the quality of their audio was so bad, it ruins the meeting for everyone else.

One of the key challenges these remote workers face is sounding crisp and professional, regardless of where they might be working from that day. We developed the new Calisto 5300 portable Bluetooth speakerphone to embrace this shift in how teams collaborate and empower remote workers to be the best sounding person on the call.

Free-Range Conferencing

That’s right— you now have even greater freedom to free-range. You’ll love how easy it is to pack up and set up with plug-and play-simplicity at the heart of the device. When it’s time hit the road, the Calisto 5300 is ready with an integrated cable management system and carrying case. Not to mention, with 15 hours of battery life, you can host marathon-length calls from just about anywhere.

360  ̊ Audio Quality

As someone who would identify as a flex-worker, I can speak from experience that using your laptop mic and speakers for a conference call is less than ideal. The Calisto 5300 features omnidirectional MEMS digital microphone with 360-degree microphone pickup, so you and anyone else in the room sound great from all angles, and you have the freedom to move about the room as you speak. The Calisto 5300 also delivers full duplex audio with echo cancellation, so the conversation flows naturally preventing awkward latency and interruptions that can derail an important conversation.

More Than Just a Speakerphone

Enjoy the Calisto 5300 during your downtime to listen to your favorite music or podcasts via its amplified speaker with wide frequency response (150Hz to 20kHz). Bluetooth connectivity means connecting to all your devices is simple and easy. The integrated USB connectivity (USB-A or USB-C) also gives you the option of corded connectivity to all your computer.  Clear visual indications for mute, battery level and receive volume level, audio notifications for mute, volume etc. make it simple for you to know at a glance what the status of your call is.

Microsoft Teams Certified Solution

Poly designed the new Calisto 5300 with next generation UC applications and native Microsoft Teams performance in mind. Need to quickly ‘jump’ on a Teams call? Instantly invoke your Microsoft Teams client with a dedicated button that enhances Team collaboration.

Seamless IT Management

The Calisto 5300 is a reliable, intuitive plug-and-play device, so IT managers can rest assured they won’t be dealing with a ton of help tickets from their remote workers.  The Calisto family of speakerphones is also supported by Plantronics Manager Pro, a Software-as-a-Service solution (sold separately) to manage Poly headsets and Calisto units, monitor usage and maintain devices, making deployments a breeze.

Wallet, Phone, Keys, Calisto

The Calisto 5300 portable Bluetooth speakerphone is just one way Poly enables communication that is more human – for everyone in the room and those dialing in from other locations. Our user-friendly design and IT management tools make it easy to use hassle-free, on the fly. By partnering with Microsoft, we are able to provide a seamless Microsoft Teams experience that’s intuitive to use through a dedicated LED button. Next time you hit the road, don’t forget to take the conference room with you, and pack the Calisto 5300.