A new study from Adobe Systems has found that people are much more likely to shop and purchase items via a tablet than they are from another mobile device.  Tablets are playing a much larger role in commerce than originally planned, but that can only be interpreted as a good thing.  More Americans received tablets this year as gifts than any year prior, and it appears that more people are using them to buy gifts as well.

A survey of over 1000 Americans found that 55% of tablet owners reported using the device to buy products over 28% of smartphone users.  44% of tablet users said shopping was a typical activity on their device, were only about 1/5th of smartphone users felt this way.  Experts believe that the larger screens allow for easier viewing of products, reviews, and ratings.  I have to agree wholeheartedly on this.  Its often that I find myself saying “I’ll have to look at this later” when seconds away from a purchase on a smartphone.  I just don’t feel comfortable buying things on my smartphone, tablets and pc’s just feel more comfortable.  I always fear missing some fine print, or that I will hit the wrong button when shopping on my cell phone.

Group Product Marketing Manager of Adobe Digital Publishing Lynly Schambers-Lenox said “The message to retailers should be… when you’re thinking about driving that purchase decision and purchase intent; you need to think about how tablets play into your strategy.”  She isn’t kidding either.  Tablets accounted for 57% of the 24.6 billion dollars in total US mobile commerce last year, and expect that to rise to 62.5% in 2013.

This is another reason for companies to seriously consider iPad and Android apps designed for tablet use.  Allowing users to view your products and possibly purchase them online through their tablets may be the tipping point they need to buy it.  Nearly half of smartphone and tablet users want to switch to purchasing through apps over the web browser on their mobile devices.  Although having a functioning mobile site is important, apps seem to be the new trend.  Just make sure you have a share button.  Friends are the number one influence cited by users of smartphones and tablets.  I look through several apps of one day deals each night, and I normally come across deals I know my friends will use, and send them over.

So whether or not you are a fan of tablets or apps, you have to admit that they make a big effect on mobile commerce.  It is definitely time to consider tablets when it comes to sales.