The organizers who pull together South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual Austin, Texas-based conference that celebrates the convergence of technology, film, and music, are closing in on who they’d like to have speak at the 2017 event. Needless to say, we have our fingers crossed that one or more of our candidates will be offered an invite.

A part of this decision-making process is a mechanism called the ‘PanelPicker’ – an online forum where speakers post presentation ideas and the public can cast their vote on who they’d like the organizers to choose.

We’re excited to have five Plantronics speakers in the mix as part of this year’s PanelPicker process. Voting closes Friday, September 2nd, so we appreciate you taking a look at our proposals and casting your vote for one (or more!) that you’d like to see honored with a spot!

To vote, visit the PanelPicker section of the SXSW website. Sign in if you already have an account or create a new SXSW account.

Plantronics submissions include:

Evan Benway: Sound: The Key to Productivity in the Workplace?
Evan will provide an overview of the core principles about sound and business efficiency, and cover how real-world businesses are addressing sound as both a challenge and opportunity.

Cary Bran: Security with Wearables: Sure Thing or Pipe Dream?
Cary and Sam Srinivas, Product Management Director, Cloud Security & Privacy at Google, will discuss whether it’s possible to live in a world of wearables without compromising security, and will share some of their own learnings associated with creating a real-world concept solution.

Darrin Caddes: Making Wearable Tech Wearable
Darrin will discuss the state of wearables today from a design and aesthetics perspective, including societal drivers, motivating factors, user experience trends, potential barriers for adoption, and core keys to success.

Corey Rosemond: VR: Beyond the Games
Corey will provide background on new use cases and associated drivers that are helping to expand virtual reality opportunities beyond head mounted displays.

Tom Wesselman: Getting it Right: IoT and the User Experience
Tom will focus on the need for the user experience to adapt appropriately as new sensing environments come online.