Return-to-office planning has IT decision makers brainstorming how they will change phone set ups to suit their company’s hybrid working model. Welcoming workers back into the office with setups from 2019 and early 2020 would be chaos. Those phones were fine for personal, basic office use, but they are not designed to support the hybrid work model so many companies are embracing.

Frost and Sullivan forecasts that 47 percent of workers will be hybrid and 30 percent of office spaces will be dedicated to hoteling. What’s even more interesting, is that they predict that 30 percent of the companies surveyed will be providing desktop phones to their remote workers to help them be as productive as possible.

Can today’s desktop phones really meet the evolving needs of a post-pandemic professional—in the office and at home? Yes, yes, they can, and Poly is proud to introduce the Poly Edge E series to help empower hybrid teams.

Introducing the Poly Edge E Series

Our Poly Edge E series is thoughtfully designed to meet the challenges of a hybrid workforce. The first thing you’ll notice about these phones is their attractive design. The look, feel, texture, lighting, and the thoughtfully crafted user experience—everything about them is inviting.

And the sound? It’s Poly’s signature professional-grade audio quality through-and-through, delivering the crystal-clear conversations users expect. All this while Poly’s Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technologies keep conversations on track by eliminating distracting background noise, like a coworker’s chatter or a roommate’s call going on in the background.

The post-pandemic workforce is also concerned about germ-spread in the office and at home. Microban® antimicrobial product protection is an awesome feature that solves this concern and it’s now an inherent part of the Poly Edge E series phones. It’s been added during the manufacturing process for the entire series, meaning it won’t wash off or wear away. But, more than anything, the Poly Edge E Series is a solution that makes hybrid work easy for users and IT decision makers.

Easy to Pair

Anyone in the office or at home who likes to step away from their desk to pace and think or just to visit the kitchen will enjoy the Poly Edge E series’ Bluetooth pairing ability and range. Users can easily connect their Bluetooth headset to their desk phone with the Poly Edge E220, E320, E350, E450 and E550 models. Not only can you pair your Bluetooth headset, but you can also pair your smartphone. This allows users to answer their mobile phone’s incoming call from the Edge E desk phone and take advantage of the phone’s advanced noise blocking features. In a hybrid working environment, that’s a game change as it makes for a seamless communications experience.

Easy to Install and Support

Many home offices and some newer office buildings are not wired for ethernet. Instead, these spaces rely on Wi-Fi for connection, making the Poly Edge E350, E450 and E550 phones a natural fit. When these phones are first powered up, the Wi-Fi setup screen is presented immediately—no hunting expedition through the settings required. It’s that easy.

Easy troubleshooting and access to ongoing support is equally, if not more, important for a hybrid workforce. The good news is that all Edge E series phones offer new diagnostic tests and a configurable support contacts menu, making it simple for users to self-test their phone or contact support as needed. Just remember that a Wi-Fi connected phone requires a power adapter accessory when not powered over via ethernet.

Easier with NFC Technology

Hot-desking or hoteling has been around for a while, just like hybrid work, but it traditionally features a manual login process via a password or a pin code, which are shockingly easy to forget. Unlike other desk phones, the Poly Edge E series is designed with near-field communication (NFC) technology, which service providers can leverage to simplify the phone’s hot-desking assignment. Imagine opening an app on your smartphone and using it to make the Edge E desk phone yours for the day. Android smartphone users can also use NFC to simplify mobile phone pairing to the Edge E phone. Desk phones with easier hot-desking and simpler mobile pairing are the kind of solutions that makes hybrid work easy to support.

Easy to be Inclusive

Phones are a necessary part of daily life and yet they not typically designed inclusively. This is an especially meaningful pain point for those with impaired vision and for the IT decision makers who are doing their best to accommodate a diverse workforce. Fortunately, the Poly Edge E series was designed to be more accessible, offering features like text-to-speech capabilities and customizable bigger or bold fonts.

When the new text-to-speech feature is enabled, the phone will audibly announce the incoming caller displayed. Audio confirmation of feature keys pressed also empowers the user with the confidence to have smooth, professional interactions. It’s features like these that make phones more accessible and, therefore, more inclusive.

Taming IT Chaos with Supporting a Hybrid Workforce is Easier with the Right Technology

The Poly Edge E Series are our most versatile, inclusive phones to date. They make it easy for IT professionals to equip their hybrid workforce so everyone can work effectively from wherever they need to be. Recognizing the value in our Poly Edge E Series, many service providers who support Poly Open SIP IP phones are currently in the process of certifying and onboarding the Poly Edge E series.

The Poly Edge E phones are available to order now and will begin to ship worldwide in August. To learn more, reach out to your Poly Sales representative or, visit