There’s a pretty good chance that many of you reading this blog post are doing so on a tablet. Your increased adoption of tablet computers is gaining considerable attention. Just this week, eWeek announced a study of 400 small businesses from market strategy specialist iGR that indicated that more than half of you (52 percent) currently use a tablet to run your business.

Those figures are in line with the latest from Spiceworks in its “State of SMB IT 1H 2012” report also just announced. Spiceworks estimates that over the course of the past six months, your use of tablets has increased from 33 percent to 45 percent with another 17 percent planning to purchase a tablet for business in the next six months. That would put tablet adoption for business among SMBs at 62 percent by the second half of the year.

About a third of you are buying tablets to replace laptops (31.9 percent), according to iGR. Still laptops continue to factor into your purchases for now.  A majority in the iGR study who plan to buy tablets this year said their notebook purchases will remain about the same.  Down the road, tablet purchases will definitely impact laptop acquisitions for 26 percent of those surveyed.

On a cautionary note, market analyst firm Ovum advises businesses against using tablets as laptop replacement for many information workers. Ovum says that tablets are useful for data presentation and consumption, but their form factor and touchscreen make them difficult for everyday productivity applications such as spreadsheets and word processing.  Here’s where line of business tablet applications designed for specific roles within an organization are valuable, the firm advises.

As tablets also become increasingly important for audio and video conferencing, headsets will become even more relevant to your mobile business toolkit. Many of you already are purchasing headsets for your employees for tablets – as well as for smartphones –  as we found in our own Plantronics survey of Spiceworks members. Visit our site to learn more about headset options for tablets and other mobile devices; and call or email us any time at our smbhotline to answer any questions you have. Like you, these days, we’re available anywhere and any when.