If you liked Small Business Saturday, get ready for a ‘cash mob.’ It’s the latest in pro community activism to support small businesses around the country.  Taking a page from flash mobs,  cash mobs descend on local businesses making purchases – typically $10 to $20 – to show their support.

Cash mobs organize on social media platforms, which indicate where and when the event will take place. Small businesses are embracing them, according to a recent article in USA Today.

The first cash mob held in Buffalo, NY, on August 5 last year was the brainchild of blogger Christopher Smith. However, the concept really took off following a cash mob organized by Cleveland attorney Andrew Samtoy on November 16. Since then, according to the Cash Mob blog, the events have been held in cities across the US, Canada and the world. However different they may be, depending on who organizes them;  they have the same goal to support local business.

This Saturday March 24, is being designated as International Cash Mob Day with hopes of thousands of cash mobs being held from coast to coast.

If might be too late for you to start one, but check Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/cashmobs to see if one is being organized in your community. Facebook also has pages for various city cash mobs http://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=cash%20mobs&init=quick&tas=0.8016676398806075.

If you can’t find something going on for the big event, consider starting a cash mob for your business or on behalf of another one down the road. The Cash Mob blog provides some suggestions for getting one started, which include:

  • Work with the local government to generate more support and get other businesses involved.
  • Partner with local community or civic organizations to help get out the word.
  • Let the media know about the event; send out a press release.
  • Post the event on Facebook.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, don’t be surprised to see me at a local cash mob. I supported Small Business Saturday in my community and blogged about it.  I have a background in dance, so I’m rooting for a singing, dancing cash mob.