Ever have a discussion with someone and what comes out of their mouth just seems so odd?  When you get two people in the room debating a topic, you are bound to get two opinons. But what happens when the other person says something that might be offensive to you? 

Well, before you let your emotions take over, take a deep breath and ‘seek to understand’.  What I find is that when I question the person across the table, asking them for example:  “what did you mean by X?” or perhaps say “I may be interpreting what you said wrong..can you help me better understand your point?”  They typically come back with a better phrase and clearer context. 

Here is the problem, we just don’t hear ourselves talk.  So how do we know when we say something stupid or offensive? Having the other person in the conversation gently ask us clarifying questions or seeking more context usually sets things to right….

So next time you find yourself being offended by anothers comment that just seems odd to you…Seek to understand. You will avoid misunderstandings and improve your overall communication effectiveness.  You will also feel much better in the process.  So isn’t it worth it? 

 Just Seek to understand.