If you stop to think about if for a moment, healthcare facilities (including doctor’s offices, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.) have always had a hard time keeping their portable telephones clean and operational.  These devices are used throughout a building (like in sub-basements and on rooftops), and must be durable enough to survive the pounding and frequent dropping they endure.  In addition – along with everything else used at such facilities – they must be disinfected frequently.  Then, when the pandemic hit and turned everything up a few notches, phones and other devices were being scrubbed so much that scratches were being etched into their surfaces, and numbers and letters on keyboards were disappearing.

Ryan Delgrosso, the CTO and co-founder of RingRX – A cloud telephony provider specifically for the healthcare market – knew that a better solution would be needed for such facilities going forward.  Ryan, who has been a long-term Poly partner for many years, immediately recognized Poly’s Rove DECT Wireless platforms as a perfect solution for these harsh environments.  Not only did the handsets let you use full desk phone capabilities in a portable device, but they are the first and only phone solution to exclusively feature built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection. (Microban is a global leader in antimicrobial technology, and when combined with Poly’s new wireless phone system, gives user’s the confidence needed to collaborate in high-touch work settings and in the most critical of conversations.)

Ryan explained that he has tried deploying other solutions (including app-based smartphones and older DECT solutions) but he has found them problematic for many reasons – including connectivity, reliability, usability, durability and price.  The Rove family allows Ryan’s firm to deploy easy to use reliable and affordable solutions specifically designed for these harsh environments

In Ryan’s words, using Poly solutions gives his customers “best in breed, absolutely second to none” audio quality and performance.  That’s one of the reasons RingRX has always partnered with Poly – to give his customers the very best communication solutions in the industry.  Now, with Microban on our Rove line (as well as our VVX Desk Phones) Poly will also have the safest to use products in the industry.  Listen to how Ryan tells it in his own words here.



For more information on Poly Rove devices, and for additional details on our exclusive partnership with Microban, please visit: Poly Rove and Poly Performance + Microban Protection.

To learn more how Poly and RingRX supports healthier and more reliable communication, please visit: RingRX.com/Poly