The world of customer service is changing, for the first time the Dimension Data benchmarking study showed a clear move by organisations to move away from activity based metrics to outcome based metrics.   With this change in planned approach, now really is the time to plan how you improve your organisations customer service to win and retain new customers.

A big part of this is focusing on end to end audio quality – if your customers can’t hear you, how can you convince them that you are delivering great service?  I wrote recently about repaired headsets and the potential impact these have on your customer service reputation, this time it’s cables.

Cables are critical to overall sound quality and hence to your ability to provide great customer service, they need to be robust enough to stand up to intensive daily usage and flexible enough to move with your employees. At Plantronics we design our cables to flex 200,000 times ensuring we maintain great audio quality for a long life.  We also design the quick disconnect to last 30,000 cycles – again to ensure great audio quality and a long life.

Because we don’t make cables for anybody else, only original Plantronics cables can provide you with this high reliability, ensuring you maintain great audio quality.  The easy way to tell if it is a Plantronics cable is that it has our logo on the QD – if it this logo isn’t on a recently purchased product, then it is likely that it is not an original Plantronics cable.


So don’t compromise, ensure that you are using original Plantronics cables purchased through an approved Plantronics partner.  This ensures you get a highly reliable product that delivers great audio quality – enabling you to keep your reputation for delivering great customer service.