Recently, the Plantronics RIG Flex LX headset was named “Best wired Xbox One Headset” by IGN! The signature Plantronics audio and multiple EQ settings make this headset ideal for Xbox One gaming. The unique adapter comes equipped with an analog wheel for easy adjustments to your game audio or music while in the middle of gaming. The easy-to-use adapter makes for the smoothest transitions in audio without missing a beat in your game.

The RIG Flex LX adapter enables gamers to enhance their audio with multiple settings to enhance their personal game experience. The adapter comes with three different EQ settings that each cater to different gamer preferences while delivering the crisp and immersive Plantronics audio.

The “Pure” setting is the Plantronics Signature Audio which delivers a well balanced and crisp gaming experience immersing you into the battle field. The “Pure” setting gives you the best-rounded audio, perfect for hearing footsteps along with every detail around you.

The “Seismic” setting is the bass booster. This setting increases the audio level of your bass to make your games the most intense as possible with a cinematic feeling. Any explosion and gun fire will be heard loud and clear with the increased decibels in the lower frequencies (20-100 Hz). You will not only hear the booms, but feel them with the heavy bass increased.

The “Intensify” setting boots the mid- and high-frequency audio in your games. This setting provides decibel gains in the mid frequencies and high frequencies (2.5 kHz-20 kHz).  The gain in mid- and high-frequencies means that you will be able to hear your teammates more clearly during games. Nothing like easy communication to improve your gaming style.

To see what the hype is about for the RIG Flex LX adapter and why it is named the best wired Xbox One headset by IGN, read the article below and find your ideal EQ setting!


September 4, 2015 / IGN

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