Financial services will always be an in-person business. This isn’t surprising, after all, the industry is built on relationships, traditionally face-to-face. High-stakes mergers and acquisitions often hinge on subtle emotional cues and body language as much as they do numbers. However, something subtle yet remarkable is beginning to occur regarding what constitutes in-person. As more dealmaking, portfolio reviews and client nurturing take place over video, finance professionals are finding that the magic of in-person connection can take place virtually too, if the right conditions are met.

Achieving the effect of an in-person connection isn’t strictly about where you meet; it’s about feeling like you’re in the same room together. Financial institutions can elevate the virtual meeting experience with professional-grade audio and video solutions to capture more non-verbal communication and maximize impact during pitches and meetings. This means bank employees, even those sitting at the back of the room, will look and sound their best as they navigate the subtleties of dealmaking.

Just as some firms look to technology to drive digital transformation and growth, banks and financial institutions should look to technology as a comprehensive solution to help them be more flexible and adaptable when making deeper connections with their employees and customers.

This kind of flexibility creates possibilities for wealth managers and financial advisors to stay connected to their client base anywhere, anytime. The virtual white-glove experience can also be applied to virtual meetings, conferences and roadshows, which help make these events accessible to a wider investor base. Pro-grade audio and video devices enable advisors to maintain rich virtual interactions and consistently high-quality meeting experiences, no matter where clients are located and when they want to meet.

On a more internal level, banks and financial institutions can look to communication and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom to help bring distributed teams and a hybrid workforce together more effectively. At the same time, pro-quality collaboration technology allows those working from the office conference room and those dialing in remotely to participate and collaborate on equal footing.

Poly is ready to help make personal connection real from anywhere. By providing a more consistent experience for all employees, regardless of where they work, financial institutions can boost employee engagement and teamwork, which in turn, benefits the customer experience wherever their customers prefer to be, and more importantly, the bottom line.

Download the infographic on Three Hybrid Work Challenges in Financial Services to help your employees start building relationships with their clients from anywhere by elevating the virtual meeting experience.