Large organisations have recently fallen out of favour with customers.  Cultures and processes that focused on efficiency, automation and customer avoidance have reduced the trust that customers have in these companies.

It’s time to change, and to restore the human connection.  To celebrate speaking, and engaging with a person.  To move away from a ‘call centre’ with its negative connotations, and move to a distributed service model where everyone is responsible for, and takes pride in their connections with customers and the service they deliver.

The move to an agile, smarter working culture within an organisation will empower this next generation, and technology will enable it by connecting people and improving collaboration.

The world is becoming more global, and with this globalisation comes increasing need to collaborate with dispersed teams.  When you are talking across cultures and across languages, the quality of your voice is highly important to ensuring the accurate exchange of information.  Now, when you layer on the different spaces that people are working in, the clarity of your voice becomes critical to the success of your business.