Together, Poly and Zoom continue to elevate the hybrid work experience with timely features that deliver a seamless experience. As organizations actively make their move back into the office, it is essential to provide employees with both a safe and streamlined experience. With that in mind, we’ve engineered Zoom Room Appliances, including the Studio X Series and G7500, to support Zoom Workspace Reservation (beta). This feature allows users to easily book meeting spaces using an interactive map whether they are on-site or remote.  

There are two powerful use cases that have taken hybrid work to the next level: 

Virtual Receptionist Kiosk 

One of the many benefits of hybrid working is the flexibility to work in a range of different environments such as a home, local café or office. When visiting the office, users can interact with a Virtual Receptionist Kiosk powered by the Poly Studio X30 and a touch display screen, to be greeted by a remote receptionist who assists with checking in. Alternatively, users can simply click on the Workspaces button to get a view of available rooms and workspaces in the office for them to reserve. Upon booking, users can scan a QR code on the Zoom app or get the reservation sent to their email. It’s that simple! 

Hotdesking with Zoom Phone 

Poly has a wide range of certified Zoom Phone solutions that are easy to use with all the Poly award-winning audio features. In partnership with Zoom, we launched Zoom Phone Appliances on the Poly CCX 600 and CCX 700 to provide users with a feature-rich experience. These multi-media business phones have a full-color touch display and are fine-tuned to provide a phenomenal video and audio experience. The Poly CCX 600 and CCX 700 make for great personal office workspace solutions and when paired with Zoom’s Hotdesking feature they make it super simple to convert a shared community device into a personal device instantly.  

So how easy is it? When users are ready to check into their reserved office workspace, they use their mobile device to scan the QR code on the CCX desk phone via the Zoom app. Once users enter their pin on the CCX phone, they are automatically signed in to their personal Zoom account and can enjoy the intuitive Zoom interface to access contacts and meetings. When they’re ready to log off, they do so with just a few touches and now the workspace will show up as available on the interactive map. 

Here’s a short video that shows just how powerful these innovations can be to support hybrid workforces:  

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