Kristen Renda, Global Manager, Alliance Product Marketing, HP | Poly

Poly Lens – A Growing Family Built for the Future of Work

As the world of work continues to evolve, so does the technology that supports it. Poly’s steadfast commitment to improving the future of work extends beyond the innovative technologies found within our devices. Our commitment ensures that users have the tools they need to get the most out of their devices no matter where they are. 

Since its debut in 2020, the Poly Lens Desktop App has been a SaaS workhorse supporting end users and organizations in nearly every industry across the globe1. The installed desktop app design allows users to make the most of the unique capabilities found with their favorite Poly headset, wireless earbuds, personal speakerphone, or video device, while simultaneously enabling IT connection with cloud-based fleet management and user support. Poly Lens Desktop is the central interaction point for staying up to date with the latest software, self-help, and feature adjustments such as noise-canceling, on-call indicator, and camera framing. By adjusting settings, end users can fine-tune audio and video preferences to enhance experiences tailored to fit unique needs.

Poly recently launched the Poly Lens Mobile App to support Poly’s personal wireless devices while on the move. Poly Lens Mobile includes an intelligent feature called Find My Device that can help locate your lost device, in addition to the powerful capabilities found in the original desktop version. 

We’re thrilled to announce yet another addition to the Poly Lens Family, the Poly Lens Web App for ChromeOS, now available for public preview.

Introducing the Poly Lens Web App for ChromeOS

The Poly Lens Web App was built to address the needs of Google Workspace-managed organizations and end users on ChromeOS devices. This means that the newest member of the Poly Lens family will greatly expand support of Poly devices to Chromebook, Chromebox, Chromebase, and ChromeOS Flex users.

The initial public preview will allow early access with personal setting capabilities on a select number of ChromeOS compatible devices/peripherals to any Poly user prior to the official launch coming later in 2023.

ChromeOS compatible devices supported in preview

The initial preview will support select Poly devices including:

  • Poly Blackwire USB Headsets
  • Poly EncorePro USB Headsets 
  • Poly Voyager Bluetooth Headsets (select models)
  • Poly Sync 10
  • Poly Adapters (BT700, DA75, MDA524)
  • Poly P15 Video Bar and Poly P5 webcam (Standard UVC settings, PTZ, Tracking Modes)

Capabilities Supported in Preview

The initial preview offers a limited set of capabilities with additional IT management settings slated for the official launch. Current capabilities include: 

  • Users can configure device settings
  • Advanced support with device logs 
  • Health and wellness features
  • Notification alerts in Chrome for battery status, mute alerts, hold reminder, and more
  • Enterprise-level interoperability for supported devices
  • Inventory/user management
  • Online/offline status (while app is running)

Who should participate in the preview?

We’re pleased to offer this preview to the public. Organizations in certain industries reap additional benefits due to the product families that are currently supported. For example, the EncorePro family of headsets are a go-to for Contact Centers and the Poly Blackwire and Voyager families are targeted toward the Education industry.

However, we welcome all organizations and end users with supported devices. Please note the limitations above as you navigate the app.

What’s coming?

The goal of the Poly Lens Web App is to achieve parity with Poly Lens Desktop. Future updates will enable additional features. Similar to Poly Lens Desktop, the Poly Lens Web App will streamline Poly device deployments and provide actionable insights about Poly collaboration endpoints and the workspaces that house them, in addition to providing a straightforward experience for end-users.

Key updates will include:

  • Support for more Poly HP devices 
  • Cloud device management (Policy Support)
  • Call control integration
  • Background device control and telemetry
  • Insights – Network Diagnostic Testing

How can I access the public preview?

You can access the public preview via the Chrome browser here:

1 Poly serves 100% of Fortune 500 companies