EncorePro_520_call_center_man_smiling_screen_rgb_02OCT14-SAnswering the phone is just the start. Today’s customer service representative (CSR) listens, understands, and acts upon a customer’s needs with skill, rigor and thoughtfulness. Every minute, every day, the CSR needs to demonstrate that they have the customer’s best interests in mind, while presenting the company in the best possible light.

In fact, for the customer, the CSR doesn’t just represent the company, they are the company. Their job is to completely engage with the customer to provide the most informed advice, support, and guidance.

An effective CSR must possess a certain kind of temperament, professionalism, and skill—but these alone are not enough.

At the same time, they also have to be well equipped—and that starts with a consistently well-functioning headset that enables them to hear and be heard clearly at all times.

Plantronics Manager Pro can help.

Plantronics Manager Pro is cloud-based management software that gives IT complete visibility of every headset in use. With the ability to monitor, manage, and maintain CSR headsets from any web browser, IT can remotely configure settings, update firmware, and troubleshoot remotely—and help equip each CSR for success.

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