Have we done it again? Hell yeah – Poly smashed the record by winning five awards so far this year. We took home two Red Dot Design Awards, one iF Design Award, and two CompassIntel Spring Awards – and we’re pumped!


Our stylish new Studio P15 video bar, as well as the latest line of Sync Family speakerphones, have bagged the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design – recognizing the kickass design and outstanding functionality delivered to customers via Poly.


Our brilliant Studio P15 crushed again, winning another great design award of the year – winning the iF Design Award 2021.


And the praise for our new Poly Studio P Series didn’t stop with its striking good looks. The entire Studio P Series and its compatible Poly Lens software were recognized at the CompassIntel Spring Awards honoring leading companies, products, solutions, and services in the tech sector.


The global scene for work as we knew it had to shrink and fit inside our homes in the blink of an eye. We learned how to give virtual high-fives overnight, and now even make time to enjoy an informal watercooler chat or two with our colleagues. What the global scale work-from-from experiment of 2020 truly taught us was how to build our focus zone anywhere – to work from anywhere. This was what inspired the Poly Studio P Series.

We sat down with Darrin Caddes, VP of Design and he explained, “Our approach to design is really quite straightforward – build a product that is ground-breaking yet practical, something that is functional and also beautiful to look at. Primarily, our focus is on connecting people no matter where they are or what’s going on around them.”


But don’t think these devices are all style without substance. At this year’s CompassIntel Springs Awards, The Poly Studio P Series was recognized as the Top B2B Workplace Device, and the compatible software, Poly Lens took home the award for the Best Enterprise Software Innovation of 2021.

These wickedly smart solutions let you focus on your work and colleagues – ensuring you don’t have to waste time worrying about the meeting technology that gets you there. Forget about fussing over audio issues and refocusing your camera when you’re stretching your legs thanks to that shiny new sit/stand desk in your home office.

Poly’s Studio P Series together with Poly Lens management software for IT offers flexibility and choice with products that are designed to meet the demands of hybrid working for everyone regardless of their location or work style. Poly Lens is a cloud-based service that gives IT departments the powerful tools they need to manage and support devices from anywhere.

For the end-user, Poly Lens allows them to set up and tailor personal devices to their needs or preferences to fit their unique work style. Additionally, through the app, users can keep device and software current and quickly access technical help if needed. Additionally, Poly Lens includes features to improve a user’s workday with personal wellness tips, movement reminders, and nature sounds to help drown out the chaos of home.


The one thing that you cannot have a meeting without is audio. It’s the backbone of all video conversations and Poly gets it that sometimes we just need tech that guarantees maximum mobility, performance, and consistent meeting experience. Poly designed the Poly Sync so that not only will you be heard, but you’ll make an impact during your audio meetings. The Poly Sync family of speakerphones — Poly Sync 20, Poly Sync 40, and Poly Sync 60 — meets modern employees’ demand to work from anywhere without sacrificing productivity. Beautifully designed with Bluetooth and USB options, Poly Sync offers flexibility, intelligent noise cancellation, and spot-on speaker voice tracking. Oh, and did we mention that our Red Dot award-winning Sync is also stylish as heck?

To learn more about Poly’s award-winning products, visit Poly.com.