As we move into the final months of 2020, to say this year has been a ‘challenge’ feels like an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred unprecedented levels of complexity due to new work from home policies, social and family dynamics, a strained supply chain, and more. Thankfully, here at Poly, we had the right people on board to address these unique challenges and make significant strides in the headset segment of our business. Therefore, Poly is proud to accept Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Professional Headset Technology Innovation Award. 


In the first months of 2020, nearly every office worker worldwide was required to work from home (WFH) full-time. While it may have been tempting for customers to assume there is a one-size-fits-all solution to deploy org-wide, each individual has their specific workstyle and communication needs. Poly’s headset portfolio was well-prepared to meet the needs of any WFH persona as it was developed around the understanding that not all people, no matter where they work, have the same exact needs when it comes to technology. Through years of listening to the evolving requirements of different user-types, we’ve developed the best possible fit-for-purpose products while ensuring we are leading the pack of modern-day enterprise technology requirements. Through the application of leading-edge standards, features, and capabilities within our solutions, we have been on a continuous path to deliver modern and intelligent experiences that power authentic human connection and collaboration.


Over the past 18 months, Poly introduced nine different products/series of professional headsets, visibly expanding our flagship portfolio of devices and introducing industry firsts in different categories. Poly’s leadership in technology innovation comes from a high commitment to developing communication solutions that serve various user environments and speak to the unmet needs of the present-day worker.

“Poly intrinsically understands that one size technology doesn’t fit all, especially as the lines between traditional office, home office, and hybrid work environments become increasingly blurred,” said Alaa Saayed, ICT Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan. “As winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award, Poly continues to drive cutting-edge solutions that address modern work requirements based on how mega-trends change business users’ behavior, environments, and communications needs. Fostering innovation that promptly addresses customer needs will always be a top priority in Poly’s product and services future roadmap, which will continue to enable the acquisition of new customers and will enhance retention of existing ones through their award-winning solutions portfolio.”

Today, Poly is proud to offer one of the broadest and most technologically advanced portfolios of professional headsets in the world. Here’s what we launched in the past 18 months…

  • The Blackwire 8225 Series is our premium corded PC USB and UCC headset that features our new advanced digital hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) and Acoustic Fence technology to keep unwanted noise out of both ends of the call. Also available in a Microsoft Teams version with a dedicated Teams button.
  • The Blackwire 7225 is a corded boom-less PC USB and UCC headset with ANC. Certified for Microsoft Teams, it is the first boom-less corded ANC headset to receive the certification.
  • The Blackwire 3300 Series­ includes a corded mono and stereo UCC headset (PC USB connection). For users of Microsoft Teams, all headsets in this series come in versions that are Microsoft Teams Certified.
  • The Savi 8200 Office and UC Series are cordless multi-connectivity DECT headsets that offer advanced features and capabilities such as close conversation limiting and ANC. The close conversation limiting feature allows everyone on the call to hear only the person talking into the headset – mitigating background noise. The Savi 8220 also includes ANC to block out office noise. The Poly Savi 8200 series is the first DECT headsets to integrate ANC technology in the industry. The Savi 8200 Office and UC Series come in three different wearing styles: stereo, mono, or convertible (on the ear, behind the head, or over the head). While the Savi 8200 Office line features multi-device connectivity for desktop phones, mobile devices, and PCs, the Savi 8200 UC line offers PC-only connectivity. Microsoft Teams certified versions available.
  • The Savi 7200 Office Series consists of cordless over-the-head DECT headsets for traditional and IP desk phone use, available in two models: the Savi 7220 Office Binaural and the Savi 7210 Office Monaural.
  • The Voyager 4200 & 5200 Office Series comprises of the first multi-connectivity cordless Bluetooth headsets with base stations in the market. Both the Voyager 4200 and 5200 Office Series come with the option of a one-way desk phone only or two-way desk phone and PC office base, in addition to Bluetooth mobile phone connection. Both the Voyager 4200 and 5200 Office Series have Microsoft Teams certified versions.
  • The Voyager 4245 Office Series is the industry’s first three-in-one convertible wearing option to be offered in a cordless Bluetooth headset with a base station. The product connects to a desk phone, PC, and mobile. The headset includes a swappable battery for unlimited talk time, unlike any others in the industry. The Voyager 4245 is also offered in a Microsoft Teams version.
  • The EncorePro 300 Series is an entry-level corded call center headset available in two models: the stereo EncorePro 320, available in both USB and Quick Disconnect (QD), and the mono EncorePro 310, also available in both USB and QD. 

Microsoft Teams Certified Headsets

Poly’s portfolio boasts the broadest Microsoft Teams Certified headset offerings on the market – with more than 24 Teams certified headsets and personal speakerphone devices. For a product to be Teams certified, it needs to meet Microsoft’s stringent audio requirements to ensure users get the best audio experience, and it also must include a button to instantly invoke Microsoft Teams for streamlined communications.

Remote Device Management Software

As workforces dispersed, the need for remote endpoint management and analytics services became more acute than ever. Plantronics Manager Pro gave IT the ability to gain insights into headset deployment success, centrally manage and drive headset adoption, monitor devices in real-time from anywhere, and integrate into existing business systems.


At Poly, fostering innovation that promptly addresses customer needs will always be a top priority in our product and services future roadmap. It is because of this unwavering commitment, that we are able to stay laser-focus on shaping and responding to the technology trends in the Telecommunication space. Without a doubt, this year has presented significant challenges which our teams have had to work through and respond to. For this reason, it is an incredible honor to have been recognized for Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Professional Headset Technology Innovation Award.