As our professional lives continue to trend toward hybrid working models, the need to sound professional is paramount. And let’s face it – the audio that comes through your laptop and smartphone isn’t great. Meaning, to sound professional, you’ll need professional-grade communication tools. Introducing the Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth® smart speakerphone, designed specifically for today’s professional – it’s sleek, compact, and filled with smart features you might not even realize you need.

Poly Sync 20 is the smallest member of the Poly Sync Family which also includes the Poly Sync 40*, for flexible/huddle rooms, and the Poly Sync 60** for small to medium conference rooms. Here are seven reasons why Poly Sync 20 is the best speakerphone for working from home.

1 – Unparalleled Audio Quality

Poly took its more than 50 years of audio heritage – beginning with NASA and Apollo 11 – and baked it all into one modern device. Not only will you sound great to your caller, but they’ll sound like they’re right in the room with you. To bring this audio experience to life, Poly’s multi-microphone array reduces both echo and unwanted background noise – keeping the focus on who’s speaking. And when it comes time to work together, Poly’s superior audio means that people on both ends of the call can speak simultaneously without muting each other, making conversations feel natural and you won’t miss a word.

2 – Speakerphone and High-Performance Music Speaker

Anyone who’s been working from home over the past several months can relate to the feeling that the lines between work and home life have blurred substantially. One area in which this is a good thing is with business-grade technology that can be seamlessly integrated for leisure purposes. The Poly Sync 20 is an all-in-one device that carries you from productivity to play. Its bass reflex system with dual-passive radiators ensures high-quality, natural-sounding voice while on calls and deep bass for jamming out to your favorite playlist between calls.

3 – Long-Lasting Battery Life and Device Charging

Poly Sync’s 20-hour battery life lets you work on-the-go all day. The speaker’s USB port connects to your smartphone, allowing you to stay charged up and ready for your next move.

Poly Sync 20 Charging Smartphone

4 – Bluetooth or USB Connectivity

The Poly Sync 20 comes in two different versions – the Poly Sync 20 and the Poly Sync 20+. Both versions include the ability to connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth and to your computer via an integrated USB cable. The Poly Sync 20+ includes the BT600 USB Bluetooth adaptor, which lets users wirelessly connect to their computer.

bottom of the Poly Sync 20

5 – Portability Meets Durability

We designed the Sync 20 to be taken with you wherever you go — it’s slim, light, and comes with a carrying case and wrist lanyard.

In order to be your ultimate sidekick, we knew that it also needed to be durable enough to withstand your life on-the-go. That’s why we made the Poly Sync 20 dust and water-resistant – which means it’s also easy to wipe-down to keep clean and germ-free.

6 – Custom Controls and LED Indicators

Streamlined and intuitive functionality are central to the Poly Sync 20’s design. Now you can switch between your favorite functions – such as play or pause music, last number redial, voice assistant, and more – with the touch of the programmable button. At a glance, Poly Sync’s highly visible LED light indicator bar lets you know the call status – even from a distance.

7 – Certified for Use with Your Favorite Platform

The Poly Sync 20 works seamlessly with your favorite collaboration and communication apps. The Poly Sync 20 is Zoom certified, so you can count on a seamless Zoom meeting experience, every time. Additionally, a Microsoft Teams certified version of the Poly Sync 20 will be available this November***. This version incorporates a dedicated Teams button so you can evoke the Teams app with a simple tap.

Poly Sync 20 Microsoft Teams


If you’re looking for the best speakerphone and portable speaker in one, the Poly Sync 20 offers a rich audio experience that will keep getting better over time through updates via Poly software and remote management**** for your IT team. This sleek, compact device was designed with your life on-the-go in mind. With multimedia quality sound, it’s a music lover’s delight filled with smart features that keep work calls simple and sounding great.

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* The Poly Sync 40 will be available early 2021.
** The Poly Sync 60 will be available in March 2021.
***The Poly Sync 20 will be available in AMER in early November and EMEA/APAC in late November.
**** Some solutions are sold separately.