Imagine having a classroom that has the capability to instantly connect with an expert to answer a student’s question. Or to invite guest speakers to give a talk without the hassle and expense of travel. Or to take the class on a field trip without ever leaving the room.

With the announcement of the Poly Studio X family, educators who have Zoom-enabled classrooms now have a new world of educational options open to them. The Studio X family offers compact sizes, incredible audio and video technology, and radically simple deployment, so organizations can now easily get Zoom-enabled video up and running in more locations than ever before. Poly offers two different models, the X30 and the X50, to cover classrooms and environments of various sizes.

Let’s start with the ease of deployment, which is critical for all levels of education. Traditionally, when Zoom users wanted to set up video conferencing in a room, they would have some sort of computing device connected to a TV to drive the experience. That methodology is so 2018!

The Poly Studio X family provides a native Zoom Rooms experience. What that means is that students and educators who are used to using Zoom from their laptops or other devices can now have the same experience controlled right from the Studio X family itself. You won’t be fumbling around with a remote control to place a call, because Poly has also introduced the Poly TC8, a sleek, simple and powerful touch controller that becomes your Zoom Rooms controller.

As for design, the Studio X30 is small enough to slip into a backpack but has significant audio power. The Studio X50 is just slightly larger and it offers an even more powerful audio experience with dual speakers and additional microphones for a greater pickup range. So there’s an option for both small and medium-sized classrooms.

With both units, a 4K camera delivers incredible self-framing video, making sure that everyone in the class has a perfect experience, whether students are on the near or far ends of the room. The camera technology covers the entire classroom and can be set to focus in on individual students when they begin to speak, so no one on the call is squinting at a classroom of tiny faces, trying to figure out who’s saying what.

From elementary school classrooms to executive MBA programs, the Poly Studio X family opens up a world of options for all educational organizations.