WANTED: Videographer to capture company meetings. Must have a steady hand with the camera and a natural intuition of how to best portray conversational dynamics within videoconference calls — No pulse necessary.

What? Your company doesn’t have a videographer live filming your meetings!?

Fortunately, when you outfit your huddle rooms and small conference spaces with Poly Studio USB video bars, no videographer is needed.

Smarter Features, Better Meetings

In past blogs we’ve discussed how Poly MeetingAI is pushing the boundaries of videoconferencing with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to combat the distractions that bombard your senses in meetings. And, solving common issues like jolting video, poor audio, and cameras pointed anywhere but at the speaker is something we’ve been laser-focused on for some time now.

Poly runs at the front of the pack when it comes to delivering intelligent features like automatic group framing and acoustic fencing so users on the remote end of the call experience the meeting like they have a seat at the table. That said, here’s a closer look at what we’ve been working on behind the scenes to bring you the best meeting experience possible, via our latest software update.

It truly is like having a professional cameraman behind the scenes…

Today we’re excited to introduce two new Poly MeetingAI features with Smooth Tracking and Conversation Mode, available December 2019* for the Poly Studio USB video bar with the roll-out of Poly Studio V1.2 software.

Smooth Tracking

Hard cuts and jolting cameras can be a bit jarring during meetings. Expanding on the existing speaker tracking and group framing functionality delivered with Poly MeetingAI, the new smooth tracking feature will subtly shift the camera’s focus to frame a different speaker when the distance between the two speakers is small, instead of a sudden cut.  It truly is like having a professional cameraman behind the scenes, smoothly panning between speakers and making smart decisions about whether to pan or cut based on the change in view needed at that time.

Conversation Mode

Poly MeetingAI understands the dynamics of the conversations taking place in the videoconference so that it always presents the best view depending on what’s going on. Our new Conversation Mode feature is a great example as it can detect when two people in the meeting are engaged in a direct conversation and delivers a split screen view for remote participants. Or, if the people in the conversation are sitting next to each other, it will pan out to frame just them on screen. These smart decisions deliver a better video experience with fewer distractions — automatically, with no user intervention.

Conversation Mode:


Building on a Legacy of Innovation

Poly has an unparalleled track record of driving innovation in video conferencing, having pioneered voice triangulation, face finding and advanced noise suppression. These new Poly MeetingAI advancements delivered with Poly Studio V1.2 demonstrate our commitment to continually making improvements to perfect the videoconferencing experience, from the huddle room to the board room.


Check out Poly Studio 1.2 in action:



* Poly Studio update 1.2 available now via Poly’s cloud management tool, and can be installed via the Poly Companion App 1.3 update starting December 20th, 2019.