In response to the global pandemic which impacted 1.6 billion students worldwide, educators around the globe were forced to quickly adopt new tools and techniques for remote instruction. After several months of dialing in the basics, such as holding classes over Zoom and using apps like Google Classroom, many schools are now looking to deploy more advanced technology to ensure a more engaging experience for students and to empower teachers.

The use of video cameras with features like speaker tracking, headsets that block out distracting background noise, and speakerphones with acoustic fence technology can make a huge difference for teachers working from home or in remote classrooms. However, deciding what gear to roll-out, which features to deploy, and how to ensure network readiness can be a major challenge for administrators and IT departments to navigate.

Complicating matters further, important considerations must also be made for hybrid teaching models, where students may be split between in-classroom and remote attendance. This scenario often presents more challenges than a 100% remote model, as teachers strive to accommodate the needs of in-class and remote students. Providing everyone with the same standards of learning is challenging – but it is possible with proper planning and tools.

How does an organization select the best solution for their budget, ensure all the different items are compatible, and meet the needs of educators and students?

Poly is here to guide you to the right solution for your education institution by offering two customized workshops for education to ensure your digital and physical teaching spaces are set up for success.


At Poly, we’ve worked jointly with educators to create two workshop services to empower schools and educators:

1. Poly Essential Workshop for Education Service

Consultants focus on strategies and techniques including:

  • Remote teaching best practices for educators
  • Techniques to keep students engaged
  • Video etiquette
  • Hybrid/blended learning
    • Setting up the learning environment and sample room layouts
    • Technology requirements
  • Strategies and best practices to minimize the chance of technical issues and how to continue teaching through technical issues should they occur.

2. Poly Adoption Advanced Service for Education

Which includes the above workshop plus:

  • A customized video for the education institution to send to all teachers and students sharing best practices to enable a good learning experience
  • Help conduct virtual presentation sessions with Q&A for the parents and guardians on remote hybrid learning

In our workshops, we also look to the future and discuss how educators can make use of these technologies beyond COVID-19 to enhance school life. Such as hosting virtual parent-teacher meetings, campus or classroom tours, attendance of school celebrations and events, and accommodating students who need to be absent from the classroom – schools that invest in remote and hybrid/blended learning technologies create a vast array of new possibilities to supercharge teaching opportunities.

As Pierre-Jean Chalon, Senior VP at Poly recently commented,

“It is important to have both learning and teaching environments that are geared to help both teachers and students get the most out of the blended learning experience…thankfully, we live in an age where technology can play an effective role in helping both office workers and students empower effective hybrid working and learning experiences, no matter where they are.”

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If you’re interested in our workshops for the Education sector, please contact your Poly representative.

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