For years, the Monterey Bay Aquarium struggled with their communication products and platforms. The inconsistencies across the business, system complexities and dropped calls were downright maddening. Collaboration was an absolute headache and it needed to change. When the Aquarium team needed to provide their diverse workforce with reliable technology, supported by a unified platform, they turned to Poly.

We spoke with John Abrahamson, Vice President of Sales, and Rob Mann, Vice President of Technology, to discuss how Poly’s technology is empowering their team to communicate and collaborate. From conception through execution, our teams worked side-by-side to equip the Monterey Bay Aquarium team with the right technology for the job.

Professional Grade Technology and Design

In our partnership, we learned that flexibility, simplicity and interoperability were priorities for the Aquarium team. They needed products that were compatible with Zoom, their preferred internal platform, in addition to other common platforms that outside clients might use to connect with the Aquarium staff. Platform interoperability has been a genuine pain point for their team. With this information, it was clear our CCX400 and CCX500 desk phones offered a natural, simple solution.

Our CCX 400 is the super-accessible model in our “next-generation” CCX family of phones. It’s easy to use and blocks out background noise, making conversations as clear and efficient as they should be ─ even if there are penguins and otters splashing nearby. The phone offers a five-inch color touchscreen, legendary Poly sound quality and Android nine-powered performance. Not to be outdone, our Poly CCX 500 features a five-inch color touchscreen, glorious Bluetooth® connectivity and Android nine-powered performance.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium team agreed that Poly’s Zoom certified products were the right choice and quickly went to work outfitting their building and staff, integrating Poly’s solutions.

Rob Mann, VP of Technology at Monterey Bay Aquarium, said, “I definitely appreciate the mounting system for the phones. Someone at Poly had the design brilliance to make a flip-flop bracket under the phone. As it turns out, it can be used multiple ways. It saved us a ton on plastic and time installation. My thanks to whoever thought of that.”

Not only were we able to help the Monterey Bay Aquarium team overcome a long-term pain point, but we were also able to wow them with design, interoperable products, reliable tech and a steadfast partnership.

Pro-Grade Products Meets Best-in-Class Partnership

With their previous set up, over 536 calls were dropped the first day Aquarium reopening tickets became available. On the new system, the Aquarium had fewer than 50 calls dropped, with greater call volume in the same period of time. With our products and partnership, they successfully diversified their calls via a phone tree system and ensured their customer service is outstanding.

John Abrahamson, said, I’m in charge of Sales and I was blown away by the relationship Poly created with the Aquarium. I could not have been more pleased with the direct line of communication throughout the process. The representative listened to our needs and reacted to those needs specifically ─ not an agenda. That’s really the backbone of building a relationship between clients and organizations. It was incredibly refreshing and offered a learning experience for my own Sales team.”

Rob added, “Poly has been a great listener and responsive partner, which is invaluable to me. We haven’t had to compromise on anything with these endpoint devices. I wouldn’t have expected that at all, and we’ve been able to find the best equipment.”

Simply powerful communications ─ our solutions made it easy. The Monterey Bay Aquarium was never forced to choose between their priorities or even be limited to a single platform. Poly worked with the team to find the right solution, creating a consistent way of working across their business that supports their priorities, resolved pain points and offered best-in-class support. From kickass products to five-star listening, being an outstanding partner is always a priority.

Looking Ahead

We are already helping the Monterey Bay Aquarium team plan for their future. Should they ever need to transition platforms or to the cloud, they are well-equipped to do so. Our partnership will continue to evolve with return-to-office work on the horizon and as the Aquarium team charts their next steps. “Knowing what I know now about Poly, phone endpoints and room capabilities,” said Rob, “I’m going to continue looking to Poly as a service provider.”

We look forward to that shared future.

To learn more about Poly’s solutions, connect with a product specialist.