ClobbaDM Insights Improve Knowledge Worker Productivity and Call Quality

As my holiday becomes a distant memory, I reflect on how too much noise can distract from what’s important.  On the first night of my camping trip the noise of a typical British summer – complete with wind and rain – left me wondering what I was doing there.  Come the morning the wind and rain had gone to leave a sunny day, and for the first time I could hear the sound of the sea and remember the reason I was there.

Similarly, for IT professionals, ensuring your users have the perfect Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) experience can be difficult when other factors get in the way. Only by cutting through the noise can you best support your users. This is where quality analytics tools, like Code Software’s ClobbaDM, can really shine.

Critical Insights from Clobba DM and Plantronics Manager Pro Combination

Code Software has been delivering unique UC&C solutions to businesses worldwide since 2013. We partnered with this leading supplier of analytics and management software for Microsoft Skype and Teams environments to help deliver a complete solution for customers.

Using industry leading APIs connected to Plantronics Manager Pro, Code rapidly added Poly headset inventory and firmware information directly into ClobbaDM. Combining this information with the call reporting and analytics information from the UC&C system, users have an end-to-end view of critical data.

That information empowers IT professionals to rapidly troubleshoot and diagnose problems, right down to the headset device. Call quality trends can be displayed by headset type to quickly pinpoint if certain users are using the wrong headset type for their working environment.

Multiplatform UC&C Support

With ClobbaDM supporting UC&C platforms such as Skype for Business, Cisco, and AWS — and Poly headsets either certified or compatible with these and more platforms — the Poly and Code integration ensures that you can easily monitor your complete UC&C environment from a single dashboard, no matter the platform.

With Plantronics Manager Pro you can ensure your headsets are up to date and compliant to any polices based on your security requirements and/or regional legislation.  Once set you can forget about this and concentrate on monitoring your environment. With our new Plantronics Manager Pro Onboarding and Adoption service it’s now even easier to get up and running.  Our experts will provide remote onboarding and three-monthly check-in workshops – optimizing for your environment.  This service is now available globally.

Combining Plantronics Manager Pro and ClobbaDM allows you to cultivate the most productive UC&C environment, so your users can cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important.

Now if we could just have another one of those holidays…