Introducing the Voyager 4245 Office, Poly’s first Microsoft Teams headset suitable for the contact center. Historically, the Teams certification has been a badge of honor baked into our office worker portfolio, while, our contact center solutions simply did not require these specific collaboration capabilities. Which begs the question, “what’s changed?”

Well, quite a bit actually. More and more, organizations are rolling out collaboration tools for all departments — including their contact centers or groups of intensive phone users. These tools enable customer service representatives to quickly access knowledge across the organization and rapidly resolve complex customer issues.

A recent survey conducted by Frost and Sullivan of global IT decision makers found that 64% percent of the organizations are already using Teams today and an additional 32% are planning to deploy it over the next two years. This makes the Teams certified Voyager 4245 Office the ideal solution for collaborative workplaces with intensive phone users in a variety of roles.

What does a Microsoft Teams Certification mean?

The need for a Teams certified device in this space reflects the direction in which industry leading organizations, with contact centers or intensive phone users, are moving — thereby, allowing for once siloed technologies to be brought together in one dynamic device. For a product to be Teams certified, it needs to meet Microsoft’s audio requirements to ensure users get the best audio experience, and it also must include a button to instantly invoke Microsoft Teams for streamlined communications.

Lightweight. Comfortable. Always on.

The Voyager 4245 is the lightest Bluetooth headset of its kind — allowing you to move freely about the office and beyond. If you have reservations about equipping your representatives with a wireless headset for fear of them losing connection with a customer due to range or battery life — don’t worry, we thought of that! The Voyager 4245 has continuous battery life for unlimited talk time*, which means, if battery runs low, it can be swapped out mid-call— so conversations go uninterrupted. And, as far as ranges goes, users can roam up to 328 ft /100 m from their device which allows workers to get up walk over to a colleague that can help to resolve an issue or query.

In true Poly fashion, the Voyager 4245 comes with our signature high-quality wideband audio and features a noise-cancelling microphone to block out any distracting noise. Additionally, the microphone’s long boom can be positioned in exactly the right spot for each speaker — so your voice can be heard crystal clear.

And, last but not least, with three wearing options on a single device, everyone is happy… especially IT, as users feel valued with a headset that gives them a choice in wearing style preference.

Other Teams Certified Devices

Apart from the contact center space we are also proud to announce that come May 2020, our portfolio of high-quality, hands-free Microsoft Teams certified headsets will begin shipping. These include some familiar faces – Voyager 4200 Office and UC SeriesVoyager 5200 Office and UC Series, Voyager 6200 UC, and Voyager 8200 UC.

Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series

Microsoft Teams Certified Voyager 4220_Poly Blog

Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series

Microsoft Teams certified Voyager 5200 office_Poly Blog

Voyager 6200 UC

Microsoft Teams Certified Voyager 6200 UC_Poly Blog

Voyager 8200 UC

Microsoft Teams certified Voyager 8200 UC_Poly Blog

If you’re more inclined to opt for a corded headset, the Microsoft Teams certified Poly Blackwire 3300 Series UC headset delivers all-day comfort optimized for collaboration. Available and shipping today, in USB, USB-C or USB-A options.

For those looking for a Teams certified portable speakerphones, the Poly Calisto 3200 and Calisto 5300 speakerphones with 360-degree audio turn any environment into a professional sounding space, whether it’s at your home office, or a remote working location.

Calisto 3200

Microsoft Teams certified Poly Calisto 3200 poly blog

Calisto 5300

Microsoft Teams certified Poly Calisto 5300 poly blog

Poly offers the most complete end-to-end suite of high-quality headsets, speakerphones, desk phones, video solutions and software certified for Microsoft Teams. To lean more visit

* Use of spare charged battery required